Friday, November 19, 2010

Soy Beans!

Well, this year we experimented with some new crops (at Layla's suggestion): very exotic in Slovenia!!

Soy beans came out well!!

Source: Wikipedia
(I have my own pics too, but can't seem to find the gizmo to connect camera to the net:)
And you can see how fuzzy and funny the soy beans shells really are!!
Some people recommend rolling them into an old sheet and rolling them over with dough roller for de-shelling - we just used fingers, sis complained about it!! So next year, probably gonna go 'high-tech'.

There are some tips for growing them online, but we just did what cousin said, very simple, growing them like beans.
They are yummy too!! Just cooked, like beans!! (Another family we know recommended that recipe - never ate them like that before, lol!)

Reasons for growing soy: to avoid that iffy plastic or cellophane or plastic-lined packaging!! (And maybe even make own plastic-less tofu?? Do we dare?? Well, maybe we don't have THAT much soy?? Maybe next year..?)
And because one gets tired of beans, a bit.. And if Peak Oil or trouble with transport ever hits, wouldn't it be great to be able to grow exotic things too? ;)

Lentils and mungo beans - not so successful! (Not sure if even as much as planted came out)

Chickpeas - no luck this year!! Apparently we didn't have the best method of planting them (mom sprouted them and didn't pour water on them after planting) and what few plants came out - the deer ate that!! (Apparently they love chickpeas too? :(( grr!!)

Well, better luck next year, I hope!
Cousin has planted soy beans and chickpeas for a few years and has had great success with them both!

(He has a neighbour who burns plastics too though, but that is another story!!)

And European Waste Reduction Week is starting!! :) Are we getting excited?? :) What are you going to do this year?