Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Free Is Free Trade?

What is 'free' trade? And is trade ever really 'free'?
Ideally, it would mean a big market where everyone can happily trade. And this is a wet dream for MANY corporations.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was fast-tracked and promised 200.000 jobs - in fact 680.000 jobs closed and moved to cheaper Mexico. Mexican farmers and the environment also suffered, and local communities or countries were sued for eg banning a hazardous waste facility!
Some call TPP 'rigged' trade not 'free' trade - more about TPP and how it would like to 'rig' countries worldwide for the benefit of corporations.
The conflict between workers’ rights and “free trade” and more about TTIP.

What are our alternatives?
Alter-globalization and Alternative Trade Mandate that would respect environmental, human rights and labour standards.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bye ACTA, Bye TPP!!

Not so long ago we said goodbye to notorious ACTA, an international treaty about intellectual property rights between EU, US and a bunch of other countries worldwide.

Now, like Voldemort's final sighs the efforts of illustrious Dark forces are back: they wish to sneak in a bunch of other surprise tactics - and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)! They call it TPP - Trans-Pacific Partnership or specifically with EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)!
According to GMO Free USA, corporations could even SUE countries (!) for banning GMO! Labelling would be impossible (?!) and food safety would be threatened!


My Dad thinks they are devil-worshippers. (I wouldn't be surprised!)

Pirate parties worldwide are rebelling, as well as anti-GMO activists!

The problem is, AGAIN negotiations have been made behind closed doors.
And recently, assisstants of Green MEPs (Members of European Parliament) have been arrested along with other peaceful protesters in Brussels, Europe - for protesting against TPP! On what grounds and why? No idea! (I don't understand that much French!)

If this indeed is a sign of how a democratic Europe is planning to work, then we're in deep trouble!

Well, I still believe in EUROPE and in the WORLD, in peaceful and democratic co-operation!
With transparency and what PEOPLE have to say, not just corporations and well-paid lobbyists! (and under-the-table money!)
See a funny video about TTIP or check out the EU Greens' website: ttip2014.eu!

So I'm going to VOTE on May 25th - elections for EU Parliament! And I'm going to help harass inspire MEPs and others to VOTE smartly!

We ALL need to WATCH what they're DOING and give a STRONG opinion about it!

NO to ACTA, NO to TPP!! (And NO to GMOs!!)

Apparently Russia was SMART and BANNED GMOs?? & made importing them a terrorist activity! Way to go, Russia!
(I may disagree with them on some other things, but here they are truly trail-blazers of wonderfulness!!)

Also, global gmo-free-coalition brings together 4,5 million people to fight biotech industry propaganda - find them at gmofreeglobal.org! And YOU? Are you going to VOTE - &/OR PROTEST about TTP? ;)