Tuesday, December 5, 2017

For a Win-Win World!

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In the 21st century, many policies and politics from old times have become outdated. 

If we have innovated in communication technologies, transport, healthcare, computers, science, entertainment and other endeavors and technologies... surely, we can innovate in other things too: how to ensure wellbeing and survival of all people, including babies and kids, so that we all (or at least most) can have long, meaningful, fulfilling and productive natural lives until old age - including in Africa, Yemen, the rest of Middle East, and other places? 

Food production - if we use resources wisely - while sometimes challenging, can be achieved. 

Water can be desalinated, water conservation and wise management of resources have priority. 

Minimization and prevention of food waste and other waste and human impact on environment/nature can free up resources for many people. 

Weather and war have been the biggest culprits for hunger of people, suffering and premature dying, along with exploitation of people and some really outdated thinking. 

And we can have an influence on all these factors. 

Win-lose mentality is outdated mentality, in a win-win world everyone can prosper! 

The world has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed. (The greed of some people has surely been a bottomless pit!)

What can we do for a win-win world? 

We can learn how to solve problems, conflicts or challenges in win-win ways: where both and/or all sides win - I win, you win, we all win, and the planet wins! 

This is new thinking for some people who have never seen this in action, or have never even heard such a thing can exist!

Yet we all have experienced it - or can experience it! - love of a mother or child, kindness of a stranger, free acts of kindness - that enrich both and/or all people, and everyone walks away with warmth in the heart, and a smile. 

How can we intentionally nurture such thinking and actions, and help educate people on all levels to plan and set up strategies for win-win ways in politics, economy, bringing up the next generation of world leaders...?

We all need to be leaders - in personal, local, regional, national and international, global efforts, in business, politics, and any other endeavors!

If we don't know how, we must learn. It is important to listen to all sides, recognize emotions, underlying fears and/or desires, find what we all can agree on, summarize and align positions!

We can look for people already doing this, innovate and create better ways!  

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