Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lead On the Roof??!


The balcony is mostly finished with only a few things to do.. I left Dad and the roof drainage master alone, thinking Oh they'll just add a bit of metal on the ends (most has been done last week) - and Whoa! Now I've got lead on the roof-??!

(Must I remind you lead is TOXIC??)
It's a neurotoxin and causes brain disorders?? And our neighbours have a kid with Asperger's already?
And the water from the roof will go down the roofpipes into barrels to water our garden and veggies??

No wonder I'm single, are all men this stupid??

'Oh it's nicely soft and malleable,' Dad said. 'Finally the neighbour remembered he can use this.' (Dad was happy with the solution!!) Apparently the metal used elsewhere was too stiff - it's mostly aluminum, which is not ideal either, but I think still less problematic then lead??)

'Don't think you don't have any on the roof,' Dad said. Apparently there's some by the roof window too?? Yuck!!

What to do??