Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you LOTS of beautiful and awesome eco-Christmassy spirit!! :)

These are some of the awesome cards the girl scouts had made for the charity organisation - remember, if you think 'eco', smaller is better! Hopefully they'll get some eco tips for next year and go easy on the glitter!
I loved some of the designs, including the ones with paper napkins to the cards!

The card above is what I made for a friend, very quickly! I already had the 'Christmas trees' (from years before when I was teaching kiddies) so that bit got 'recycled' - and no glue! I just cut into paper (I admit I could've done it a bit more prettyfully) and inserted the pine trees...

I usually don't make and send cards anymore, but this one is pretty recyclable!! :) So maybe next year I'll make some more recyclable ones (most sold here are pretty glossy and don't look very easily recyclable!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

YAY! The Priest Likes my Eco Ideas! :)

Or better said, he likes your ideas! :)

He really liked the idea of 'Eco Fair' inspired by the fabulous Danda!

I talked how scouts could maybe hand out cloth bags in front of supermarkets, and take part in other actions, together with the charity group, maybe at a '2nd hand fair'...
He wasn't so sure how people would react to 2nd hand clothing or products (this is a very small town, almost a village!) but he said, 'We could have other stalls too' and I said, 'Of course!'
He had the idea to hand out or sell discounted lightbulbs that save energy etc! So he got quite excited about the idea!

He was real busy (and I was a little late) so we only had 15 minutes or so. But he liked the ideas presented!! :)

He gave me the contact for Earth Day scouts' coordinator (a girl I know!:)
And told me how ideas are discussed monthly by the scout leaders and accepted if they are found appropriate for the kiddies. The scouts are primarily to learn about Nature and establish a deep connection with it, inspiring others is secondary!
I'm to send him other ideas typed up, links to films the scouts could perhaps watch..

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, or links for further tips or good eco films for kiddies, please tell!! :)

Also, a friend of mine who is starting a design small business asked me for 'consulting'! /faints/ And for writing a few cheerful eco articles for their website!
She and her man are awesome and very eco too and I hope I'll be able to help them some! :)