Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Quick Update

Not sure what to say. So much has happened, and yet it didn't.

I went to a beekeeping class that was quite exhaustive (especially for a complete newbie!! I felt like I was in 1st grade and was made to listen to University grade stuff!!)
At first I thought it was FUN! Some very charming beekeepers, old guys know A LOT!!
Hearing some stuff, how bees are conventionally treated, I don't wonder why bees are ill!! I didn't like some of the things there, especially instructions for best beehives to be out of styrofoam (??) and polyurethane (?!) and such - what happenes if they are burnt? (In some cases, this is the solution for stronger diseases.) Burning styrofoam >> very TOXIC!
Luckily I also met some eco beekeepers, so hopefully I'll learn more from them.
Not sure if I even want to have bees anymore?
(But Dad keeps pressing me to fix the old beehives & the old neighbour even said he won't have a successor and seemingly he'd be happy to share his wisdom or maybe even some bees with me - but they are conventionally treated, and with some bad stuff!! hmm!!) Not sure what to do?

I finally talked to some eco people locally, some were really enthusiastic about some of the ideas and projects, so we'll see how it goes from there.
They keep telling me to go to the Mayor, so far I was really shy/embarassed to do so.
Apparently we may be too late to prepare some things for Earth Day, who knew you need to start such things so far ahead in advance? (Two or four months seemed plenty of time for me, eg scouts or school are also preparing other things - so maybe we can talk about an eco fair etc. for next year.)
At least we started talking and connecting more on a local level!
So I have a bunch of people to talk to and things to do, feeling slightly overwhelmed (and caught a bad cold). Hope it'll get better soon!

I'm also not sure how to write e-mails as not to overwhelm people (or myself)? So much stuff builds up, I wish I could discuss things with you all, not sure if it's okay to just write it here. So if you want to hear from me and I know you, maybe I can write you an e-mail, tell in comments if you're interested! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flax As Strong as Kevlar? Wow!

American scientists found a secret recipe (or at least similar to that) of Alexander the Great and other ancient minds!

Mediterannean soldiers didn't wear metal armour - linen is half lighter and better in the heat! And works well too!! (see the Spiegel movie, it's in German but pictures say it all! And you can Google Translate the article - recipe included!:)


I am pondering what this could mean for any other uses - in technology, zero waste lifestyle, etc etc?
(Is Kevlar recyclable or compostable?)

More about this in English here, with links to videos too!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Start of a Local Freecycle?

Today a neighbour dropped by and said another neighbour has some tiny cabinets and such to give away (within a week) or chop up and burn!

Of course I had to check it all out first!

Pretty!! :)

Apparently he dismantled the big things like big wardrobe (the particle board panels can be re-used for other stuff) and bed (some elements got reused or taken away before, he didn't know it could be Freecycled or given away & come handy to others!)
He said he 'had no use' for the pretty bedside 3-drawer cabinets and such!

(I'm not sure if I have any use for them either, prefer shelves, but they're too pretty - and probably too toxic - to burn!)

So I may take them for now & perhaps freecycle later.
Not sure if we can use up the bed boards? (I have two beds & none of them is 'right'! :) So too bad it got dismantled!)
Might use some shelves for the ex-fridge-cabinet (that now has no shelves), and he said he might use up some himself.

Not sure what to do re: remaining bed boards, I'm sad that he would just burn them, don't really know what to use them for? Any ideas?

I took digital pictures & wrote down measures. Ideally, we'd have several volunteers that could do that and put stuff in a local database and/or on internet etc - any other ways how to establish a good local Freecycle?