Friday, September 17, 2010

Explanation for Not Posting

I've read a post in a blog that says never to apologize for not posting (hm?) I still think I need to explain though.

The need to stay away.

Because I was deeply, terribly, horribly embarassed.

I only figured it out recently. I just couldn't get myself to post before.

My Dad. He was like the ultimate polluter, always coming up with schemes how to employ iffy practices at the renovation works - and I was just soo deeply embarassed.
Cause I wasn't able to convince him of more eco ways.

Or didn't know what were more eco ways. (I'm not an eco building expert or engineer, am I? Frenzied googling was sometimes just not timely enough, or I didn't get good enough answers.. I think my Dad has some ADD/ADHD, and sometimes things just needed to be done 'now'!)
As the renovated part will not be my chambers, I also didn't feel entitled to push my opinions too much..

It still made me miserable.

So now you know. The doors and windows will mostly be conventionally bought. Insulation and such probably too.. At a point, I just gave up. And let'em do what they want - cause I really didn't want to be the 'eco monster' anymore (Dad was really cross at me sometimes, for 'complicating things' sigh..)

Sometimes he did appreciate my ideas & cooperation later on though!!
(Like the secret doors on the balcony etc!:)

I wanted this blog to be cheerful and upbeat, so I just stopped posting! :)
Luckily an Eco Building Institute has been established recently in Slovenia, and hopefully they will provide useful independent info for all interested. (Otherwise, info can be obtained for $$$$ or it's very scattered or possibly biased.)

The summer charity workshops for kiddies went well and were MUCH more eco than the previous years! And I met some cool eco people... It's still too-easy to just focus on the negative, lol. Then I realized my Dad and I are two different people and I can't let myself be made miserable over who he is and what he does. He's 'old school' and builds in a way that was 'modern' 25+ years ago!

I did learn a lot about what (not) to do later on if I ever build or renovate anything again!
So overall, it was a good learning experience (although sometimes horribly stressful lol).

I am not perfect and neither is my Dad. But I still love him. (And try to take a walk when 'loud' works are scheduled!)

Bees LOVE Oregano!

You wouldn't think it, would you?

Some other plants and herbs too. Pretty much anything with a bloom.

I haven't paid much attention to it before, but from mid-July on, the bees get pretty DESPERATE!

My sis ran in from the garden one lovely summer day, saying: 'I won't de-weed the garden right now.' - 'Why?' - 'The weeds are full of bees.'

I thought she was a sissy, but went and checked: indeed, the piece of land covered with weeds was also covered with BEES! A few bumble-bees and such too.
The bees were even on the balcony, including on the tiny-blooming flowers...

The photos are from a while back, July/August. Thought they might liven up this grey rainy day.
Next year, we'll try to plant some flowers xtra for the bees... (Or at least avoid de-weeding, he he..)

So if you are in any doubt, whether to cut off all oregano or other herbs or weeds, even if it's not really necessary - just let'em BEE!

The bees will be thankful for it!