Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LUSH is lush-ous!

So, on my trip to the capitol I FINALLY managed to get to Lush!

I didn't know quite what to expect so first I ventured into this shop:

Everything looks awfully pretty, & I got excited! - But upon further inspection I saw everything was individually cling-wrapped!! (there were some 'bulk' soaps one could get pieces cut from, they were cling-wrapped & the pieces could be put into my containers - I wasn't entirely convinced by them though.. & wanted to see Lush first!) Also, the prices weren't.. exactly what I expected!

only the samples were 'naked'!

So I ran along, to Lush!

There, I was flabbergasted by the heavenly abundance of naked soaps!!

(the bulk is cling-wrapped, there are 'naked' samples with everything though!)

I bravely resisted the lure of coconut-smelling massage thingies... but did buy a 'naked handcream' (even though it was orange - couldn't resist it! my family buy Nivea in a recyclable aluminum box, but no box would be even better!)

I also ran out of reusable plastic containers at the farmers' market already (I didn't intend to use Tupperware-style containers, as we use those for food, but old cottage-cheese/quark tubs) - got the mozarella-like yumminess (young cheese), organic aged cheese & kaymak (as a butter alternative - all butter was clingwrapped or wrapped in plastified paper..
So I hate to admit I did take their paper bag.. (It's of a lovely design!)

(lesson learnt: the smell CAN get overwhelming - so now I know why everything is in clingfilm! Also, don't put soaps & creams in a paper bag too long!! Or with the labels with ingredients.. creamy stuff can erase the labels! The friendly sales assistant wrote colors on them for me, so I knew at home what was what & didn't try to wash my hands with a handcream!)

I bought not only 1 but 2 (!) shampoo bars, although I have no idea if I'll be able to convince Sis & Dad to use 'em!
There was a 'buy 2 get a metal container free' marketing strategy & I fear I succumbed to it!!

It *IS* a rather CUTE metal container, if I may say so!!

At home, a lightning struck my head: I didn't need to buy the metal container (although it's soo cute!! I could re-use existing ones!!)


(old Nivea boxes put to good use! :D)

All in all, it was rather expensive, but a lovely experience!!
There was a very cute guy teaching a new sales assistant so they gave me a 'tour of the store' (on everything zero waste :D) - & I spent on the soaps almost as much as I would on a dress for the bridesmaids-thingie!!

So, now I'm tempted to make my own soap when we run out of this lot!! :)

PS Does anyone know if old remains of Nivea hand cream are compostable? /sigh/


  1. Hi Layla,

    Good to see the familiar Lush products. I use the same green shampoo bar which will last for 70 washes. That is quite a few bottles saved. Using a bar instead of thick liquid requires hand lathering before rubbing into the hair.

    Using individual tins is fine while I keep all the products in 1 large tupperware box which is too worn for outside use.

  2. Hi John!

    Great to hear from you & to know that a shampoo bar lasts for 70 washes! Do you like how it washes your hair?

    Thank you for the information how you keep your products too! - Just curious, do you like the smell of all products together?
    I find it a tiny bit overpowering for longterm exposure, okay for a short time - & probably the smell decreases with time?
    (most conventional soaps & perfumes are 'too strong' for me too!)

  3. Hi Layla,

    Your website is worth reading with the fine perspective on Zero Waste. A young person view is different from our mostly adult posters.

    I simply enjoy enjoy using it, and other Lush items, because there are no plastic bottles involved. It does take some practice but the hair cleaning is fine, though big hair may be harder to clean. You could post details of the families reaction here, on MyZeroWaste, TheRubbishDiet and the Lush website, which I visited months ago.

    The smell is just the the shop smell when all bars are kept together. As long as the lid is on the effect is masked.

    It is a bit offputting for the male going inside the shop which smells like a lady's boudoire. I just ask for male oriented products to assert my gender!

    Ask for samples next time you go there, saying you are a Zero Waste enthusiast, promoting good company's products on the web. I always get stuff from them.

  4. Oh fab - I really want to try a solid shampoo bar and I love your reuse of the containers. Do let me know how you find the shampoo; I'm eager to find out.

    Do you know, John - the bag you sent me; I could smell patchouli on it - I bet that was a Lush product ;)

    Enjoy Layla; I'm glad you splashed out and spoilt yourself!

  5. Hi Rae,

    Layla, and family, can try out all the bars for general information. The lather from the green bar is less than standard shampoo. Of course I use cold water to extend its use.

    The aroma from the ReSackel bag is probably due to a visit there. The bag was useful as other purchases were kept well separate.

    Containers keep the smell for ages, even after washing. I had stewed apples frozen in one and do you believe Lush Apples? The taste was fine though.

  6. Glad you're interested, Rae! :)

    No one's tried the shampoo bars yet, will report on the use! :)

    We're trying the creamy Sultana soap - nobody likes the smell though! /sigh/ - too bitter - almonds!
    (It's supposed to be better for the skin, not drying it out!) The smell is really a bit too strong, it takes a few days or almost a week to wear it off.. we'll see how it goes with other soaps.. definitely Sis must come next time we buy anything, as she's the picky one!
    (I thought she'd like the stronger scents!)

    I wish I could buy soaps that don't smell! :)
    Maybe I'll just need to make some?

  7. John, do you wash your hair with cold water, or do you just lather the shampoo bar with cold water?

    I wouldn't dare to put stewed apples in a container that had soaps & such in it! :) You are brave! (hope you have separate containers now! :)

    Interesting that you get samples! - it is true, I tried Lush because of you & another eco enthusiast on the Slovenian forums! :)

    I hope I will find Lush products that will smell 'right' for my family... (not too much..) or do you know any other good shops/brands?

  8. Hi Layla,

    The stewed tasted just as good but with a slightly soapy aroma. I now keep the items well separated.

    The shampoo routine is:

    1. Wet hair slightly with cold water
    2. Using cold again, hand lather the bar
    3. Rub into scalp, easier when hair is sparse,
    in my case
    4. Rinse with warm/hot water
    5. Repeat, if necessary, then dry

    When you visit Lush next time, just tell them the UK shops give samples to Zero Waste enthusiasts (like yourself). They then promote Lush on the web whenever the opportunity arises to help the company. I always ask about new products as well. There was a new foot scrub bar which I gave to a female connection to try out.

    Ecover products are more environmentally friendly (minus SLS) but are sold in plastic bottles (possibly refillable). They also sell loose local loose soap products which are equally as good, and suitable for container.
    Entrading is my nearest source of Ecover stuff. Do you have a similar shop in Slovenia?

  9. Ooo, I don't like strong scents AT ALL; I'm very sensitive to smells. Which is the least scented shampoo bar do you think, Layla?

    I'm a bit fussy really as there are many scents I cannot stomach, such as geranium (which seems to turn up in EVERYTHING!), ylang ylang, patchouli ... I think I might browse their site; I'm quite sure walking into the shop would blow me away LOL!

  10. Hmm, not sure what to say, Rae - I'm not familiar with them all yet!
    I *strongly* recommend smelling stuff 1st-hand, as we all love different scents!

    The shop was not overwhelming, they do keep things wrapped in plastic foil mostly, just tiny samples outside - & you can step out if you wish of course!
    DON'T buy the dark red soap, very strong smell!

    I'd recommend going to the store, smelling, writing down ones you like (or buying TINY amounts! okay, with shampoos you can just buy the bar) & looking the ingredients up online!
    They said ones I bought were quite 'mild' - dunno..

    John, thanks fort the tips! Today my Sis put the shampoo bar as soap - didn't know what it was!
    Ecover is sold in health/eco food stores here, they seem to have just plastic bottles-?

  11. I love Lush! The shampoo bars are way better than bottled shampoos in terms of scent and performance, and they last forever!