Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you LOTS of beautiful and awesome eco-Christmassy spirit!! :)

These are some of the awesome cards the girl scouts had made for the charity organisation - remember, if you think 'eco', smaller is better! Hopefully they'll get some eco tips for next year and go easy on the glitter!
I loved some of the designs, including the ones with paper napkins to the cards!

The card above is what I made for a friend, very quickly! I already had the 'Christmas trees' (from years before when I was teaching kiddies) so that bit got 'recycled' - and no glue! I just cut into paper (I admit I could've done it a bit more prettyfully) and inserted the pine trees...

I usually don't make and send cards anymore, but this one is pretty recyclable!! :) So maybe next year I'll make some more recyclable ones (most sold here are pretty glossy and don't look very easily recyclable!)


  1. Merry Christmas Layla! Hope it was magical and lovely :)

    Those are beautiful cards, it's so brilliant that you're sharing your eco-abilities and ideas with the girl scouts, their cards are lovely. And yours is too - no glue!!!! hurrah! You are clever!

  2. Dear Layla Happy new year from Palermo!!!

  3. Thank you, Evelin and Sooz!
    Happy new year to you too!!

    We're only talking about working together with the scouts yet, hopefully I'll be able to share the wisdom with the kiddies and their leaders for next year!

    lol I thought the no-glue idea was quite brilliant too, wait till you see what I've done with file folders & furniture! :)

  4. I just posted an award for all our followers on the Berry Boy blog. When you have time, stop by and get yours! :)

    Love & Sunshine!

  5. Hey Layla, I nominated you for a happy award :) cos your blog makes me happy :D