Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Start of a Local Freecycle?

Today a neighbour dropped by and said another neighbour has some tiny cabinets and such to give away (within a week) or chop up and burn!

Of course I had to check it all out first!

Pretty!! :)

Apparently he dismantled the big things like big wardrobe (the particle board panels can be re-used for other stuff) and bed (some elements got reused or taken away before, he didn't know it could be Freecycled or given away & come handy to others!)
He said he 'had no use' for the pretty bedside 3-drawer cabinets and such!

(I'm not sure if I have any use for them either, prefer shelves, but they're too pretty - and probably too toxic - to burn!)

So I may take them for now & perhaps freecycle later.
Not sure if we can use up the bed boards? (I have two beds & none of them is 'right'! :) So too bad it got dismantled!)
Might use some shelves for the ex-fridge-cabinet (that now has no shelves), and he said he might use up some himself.

Not sure what to do re: remaining bed boards, I'm sad that he would just burn them, don't really know what to use them for? Any ideas?

I took digital pictures & wrote down measures. Ideally, we'd have several volunteers that could do that and put stuff in a local database and/or on internet etc - any other ways how to establish a good local Freecycle?


  1. Hi Layla! They look really pretty... it would be a pity to burn them!
    But I have no idea how to organize a "local freecyle" on the internet... but I'm sure you'll find new buyers! ;)

  2. Hi Danda, thanks! :)
    We have a Slovenian Freecycle called podarimo.si (='let's gift it to each other'), I noticed some countries have local Freecycles too, and was wondering how to set it up - not online, but as a local database, maybe people could tell in library or in the priest's vicarage or some other places like local council and waste management company, and then volunteers would be called to go and take pictures and post it online to the Slovenian database, and a local databse. Not sure if this could work though. Hope to learn more about this! :)

  3. love these!!! i would take them too and try to find a way to make them work! SCORE!

  4. HI Layla!

    Back before Freecycle--before the Internet really-- we had a lovely little column in our local newspaper-- I think it was called "Helping Hands" or "Many Hands." One woman wrote it, and people would send in notices of what they had available, or what they needed; there was usually a little description with it, e.g. "Mary is a single mother with a disabled child who has just found an apartment. They need two twin beds and kitchen utensils." All actual contact information went through her, so it was never published in the newspaper.

    I loved that column-- it really added something to the sense of community. We no longer have it, or a local newspaper for that matter.

    I went against my inclinations and signed up for a Yahoo account just so I could see our area's Freecycle. But there was all this stuff about submitting your name to the moderator and being approved, and a bunch of other rules. I didn't feel like getting involved in another Internet power trip! But I know there are websites, etc. that list alternatives to Freecycle...

  5. That looks really great in the pictures! If my mom were near you, she would totally take it and find somewhere to put it. She loves to pick up furniture off of the street.

    Have you tried Craigslist? I don't know much about freecycling, but I know a lot of people look on Craigslist for free stuff.

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  7. You've been given a Sunshine Award Because your blog makes me smile and inspires me!

  8. Thanks!! :)

    The cabinets are now in my atticks/the hallway, looking very pretty!!
    Still trying to figure our what to do with the bed parts. Couldn't leave them with the man who said he'd just burn 'em! (I can get the missing ones from another neighbour, the bed would be a bit too short for me, as I want a tall husband!:) It's also a bit too wide for the rooms, so still trying to figure this out!
    Someone suggested a clothes stand or something like that maybe.

    Rafqa, I like the idea for the column! Were people's names and addresses or telephone numbers printed there too?
    I really hate Yahoo Groups so I'm not on Freecycle either, we have a Slovenian website that's mostly better, anyway! :) And some radio stations have slots for this, etc.
    People still often don't think of it as 'resource'or 'treasure' instead of 'trash' though!

    Chewbear, your Mom must be quite awesome this way! (So see, there's potential to make her even greener!:) We have something similar to Craigslist or eBay, I wonder if only totally-good condition things are there, or not. (These have a few minor flaws, especially since Dad managed to break the mirror, while trying to shovel it under a bicycle-?? Men!! He didn't know I had measured everything and can get it in perfectly well!!)

    Christi, thank you for the award! Your blog makes me smile & inspires me too! :)