Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's Clean Up Slovenia - Huge Success!!

Biggest cleanup action worldwide so far - about 250.000 people attended Let's Clean Slovenia in One Day! (Only 2 million people in Slovenia, so this was huge!) See more on Yahoo News!

According to the Slovenian website (with Hi! from Estonian team!), the movement is becoming global fast, cleanup actions were already successful in:
• Estonia (3. 5. 2008, 50.000 participants)
• Latvia (24. 4. 2009, 60.000 participants)
• Lithuania (24. 4. 2009, 110.000 participants)
• India - Bengaluru (16. 8. 2009, 15.000 participants)
• Portugal (20. 3. 2010, 50-100.000 participants, analyses still ongoing)
Preparations currently in:
• India - New Delhi (pilot cleanup on 23. 1. and 20. 3: 1000 participants; cleanup: 26. 9. 2010 Organizers expect half a million people to take part!)
• Romania (25. 9. 2010)
• Italy (currently registering places with trash in nature)
• Latvia (also 17. 4. 2010 - about 100.000 people!)

Brief description of the project in English on Facebook.

There's also an idea for Let's Clean Europe and Let's Clean World!!

What I really like about this action is that LOTS of people who care about Nature connected, I met many cool people (I had NO idea some were eco! :)

Now let's hope the team will successfully lobby for Zero Waste Slovenia too!! :)
Discussions and ideas have started, so... wish us luck!!! :))))

Really tired and needing some rest, brimming with more ideas too, lol!
I really wanted to go to one of the FAB parties with excellent musicians (all volunteering on stage!) in three Slovenian cities - but I just fell into the bed and slept! lol!

Learn more on Let' !


  1. Yay! Wonderful initiative!
    In Italy I knew only some initiatives organized by the main Italian evironmentalist associations, WWF and Legambiente.
    They create one or two events during the year, to clean up some places like parks or beaches, recruiting many volunteers around the country.
    I never took part in these events but I'd like to do it some days. Thank you so much for making me know about this! And have your relaxing time! :)

  2. Oh Layla! That sounds fantastic! yey! :D

  3. Wow, this puts my little project to shame. So inspired!

  4. Danda, Sooz and Nicole, great to see you inspired!

    Danda, check if the Italian organizers could link to something like this? (Slovenian Let's Clean action was in connection with existing initiatives and non-profits, schools, kindergartens, etc!)

    Nicole, every little bit counts!! Maybe you and other inspired people from the US and elsewhere can hook up to make it state-wide or inter/national? :)
    (Yes, some are afraid to post here on the blogger:)
    PS I couldn't post at your blog either, for some reason?
    What a fun idea with the wedding website and poll too!

    Do you know about - they had a similar 'no buy' project last year! Greatly inspiring! (And made me NOT buy a few clothes and such!:)
    I'd love to learn to buy more things 2nd hand safely, so I'll be tracking your blog too!