Friday, September 17, 2010

Bees LOVE Oregano!

You wouldn't think it, would you?

Some other plants and herbs too. Pretty much anything with a bloom.

I haven't paid much attention to it before, but from mid-July on, the bees get pretty DESPERATE!

My sis ran in from the garden one lovely summer day, saying: 'I won't de-weed the garden right now.' - 'Why?' - 'The weeds are full of bees.'

I thought she was a sissy, but went and checked: indeed, the piece of land covered with weeds was also covered with BEES! A few bumble-bees and such too.
The bees were even on the balcony, including on the tiny-blooming flowers...

The photos are from a while back, July/August. Thought they might liven up this grey rainy day.
Next year, we'll try to plant some flowers xtra for the bees... (Or at least avoid de-weeding, he he..)

So if you are in any doubt, whether to cut off all oregano or other herbs or weeds, even if it's not really necessary - just let'em BEE!

The bees will be thankful for it!


  1. I noticed exactly the same thing with the herbs in my garden, I was happily letting all the bees and little insects buzz around the flowers, until I got home from work one day and found my mum had 'tidied up those horrible straggly herbs you have growing' and got rid of them all! Not Pleased! lol :)

  2. We have a patch of mint; we don't use it in food as it's on the ground and the cats wander around in it. We have plenty of insects in our yard, but as soon as it bloomed, it seemed like every bug in the quadrant was on it-- it was ALIVE! Carpenter bees, honeybees, bumblebees, flies of all kinds, butterflies, gnats and others I can't even recognize.

    The flowers are ugly-- they look like caterpillars on a stick. But I didn't have the heart to cut them. Only I hope it won't cause the bugs to ignore their other duties in my garden.