Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TYPOS & lack of co-operation?? grr!!

First of all, I'm very happy that this year Slovenia will participate officially in the European Waste Reduction Week!

But, and I mean but I was really furious that the invitation to that week was full of TYPOS! Grr!!
And next week was 'strike weeek' for all 'official government employees' - are the TYPOS sign of PR people's being on strike?? Yikes!

(I'd be embarassed to send such an invitation on, and in fact am.)
I'm not sure whether to call them or are they on strike??

We had some land catastrophes such as big floods, biggest in history, luckily not in our region. So I understand the Ministry for Environment was busy... However, they could have the decency and effort to read a simple short memo 2x and correct things??

That aside, I'm hoping they would still coordinate things well..

Meanwhile, I tried to get some info and 'lists' of what is really recycled from people in charge of that, and apparently that may be guarded more than the state secrets!
I was told to turn to local waste management companies (who themselves told me they don't know much, only what the others are required to take).

So at the time I'm really effing furioous!! Okay, I could probably be more diplomatic... And maybe I didn't call at the right time (the person was busy with meetings) but still.. You'd think they'd be happy if people want to help them do their jobs proper?? Grr!!

I'm not sure what to say, what to do, I guess I'll just try to get info elsewhere or just tell people to be very cautious and assume the worst and just go for as little recycling waste too.. (Maybe that's closest to the truth too??) ugh!!


  1. Hi Layla, you're right to be furious, but at the same time it's good that in Slovenia you received an official invitation for the EWWR!
    Here in Italy none will receive anything and it seems that the event will pass in silence for another year. Surely it will be known only through internet, and this is a real pity!
    At the moment I'm too busy, but I want to raise awareness with a blog post. Hope that I'll be able to write it in time!
    So, you do right if you'll ring to them complaining. There must be a press agency... and I guess they didn't do their job well for boredom!

  2. Hey Danda, I am thinking to write you an e-mail about this! :)

    I think the anti-waste movement is much stronger in Italy, you are very lucky for that!!