Thursday, January 19, 2012

Granny's Closet

Just wanted to post a pic of Granny's closet, now in my room (ghosts/alien wizards safely covered - in fact, that is how Grandma had it covered too, I never saw the whole closet until too late!:)

I was going for 'retro chic' budoir-style bedroom (yes, I sulk in there a lot too!! :) not in the closet!!)

I've been inspired by some FABULOUS sites like My Little Budoir, Bobbins and Bombshells and some other lovely retro blogs/sites!


  1. Oh dear, are the scary things carved into the closet or are they patterns in the wood? I hope they don't cause you any bother!

    Nice to see your guitar making an appearance too! :) xx

  2. haha I think they're patterns in the wood veneer - I kinda gotten used to them by now, they remind me of Gandalf...

    I totally LOVE the polished look & rounded surfaces... it actually looks very CLASSY otherwise... :)

    I still wonder how to ORGANIZE the closet LOL!