Thursday, June 13, 2013

My First Lemons!

Oh, and we have CHERRIES and strawberries too! YUM!

 The lemons are a little smaller than store-bought ones (not sure why).

Organic eco lemons come in a plastic mesh (=probably unrecyclable) where I live, these were straight off a tree though.

An expert on Climate Change said our country will probably become somewhat like Macedonia, so no wonder I'm now dreaming of even fig trees and such (my cousin has one).

The lemon was our neighbours', they wanted to throw it away since it had a 'stroke' or something like that and they thought it would die in the winter. But hey, it's still alive!
First winter with us, it didn't have any fruits, but it survived. Now, it has small lemons. Maybe next year, even bigger? :)

Update: the neighbours are very impressed the tree actually had lemons! (The tiny fruit shriveled up and fell off when they had it!- And first when we had it too)
I googled up lemon-growing online and the key is to ignore them most of the time, only watering when really dry. Apparently the flood and washing of leaves (it has tiny pests on them again) also did it good, and it seems to do better in not-so-hot weather...

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