Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cocoa & Cookies for the Compost! :)

If I were a compost, I'd be chuckling happy today!! :)

Mum brought some 'uneatables' from a lady who apparently has a habit of misplacing her bought items - & then little wigglies get 'em!
(Dad & she were painting the walls of her flat, & are now searching for a non-loud fridge for the lady!)

Soo.. our compost got the yummies!!

I was still unhappy about all the food packaging, but at least the food will not be making methane in landfill or contribute to toxic gases in an incinerator!!
/No idea why the ladies of the Charity packed some herbal tea (non-infested) too, maybe because it was dated 'July 2009'? we drink old tea all the time, - but as there was cocoa all over the packaging, it did end up in Compost too!/

My Uncle's hens will get the rest of the yummies! (like popcorn, spaghetti, maize, flour, etc!)

Moral of the story: eat your food at the right time & don't put it in drawers & forget about it!
(Or our compost will get it!!)

Yum! Yum! Yum!

PS I found some tiny Easter eggs that were perfectly edible - you have to look if they are 'attacked' by worms or not! mostly ok! lol The Compost *didn't* get these! Yet!)


  1. Glad to hear about your compost goodies!

  2. LOL
    It would have been funny to see the picture of your compost bin eating all these yummies! :)
    So, message received! ;)

    P.s.: I have to read all your previous posts you've written after changing the title of the blog! Maybe to do it during my holidays? I think so... too much busy these days!!! Grrrr

  3. Danda, take your time, I know you are a busy woman! (How are the tomatoes?)

    lol - no picture (need to buy a new SD card!)

    Claire, nice to see you here!! :) Do you have a compost too?