Thursday, August 6, 2009

To the Recycling Bin On Rollerblades!

.. & it's great exercise too!! :)

I took the tins to the recycling bins (on rollerblades, lol!) & had a nice chat with one of the Mums from our street. She says her hubby likes to drink beer in cans, & then she fishes them out of the trash! The Grandma of the family LOVES to recycle the cans too, as she's heard or read somewhere AIRPLANES get made of them! :)

Not sure if it's true, but it's a lovely inspiration!

They don't wash & recycle the yogurt pots & such, I said we do wash them.. Maybe they'll get inspired too? hm, we'll see..
I did tell her that waste companies say yogurt pots & tetrapaks are recyclable & the other company says they don't take 'em.. not sure if this would inspire her, though.. Still not sure about all this & what would be best (except avoid all yogurt pots & tetrapaks too, as much as possible! I told her we get milk from a farmer & make our own sour milk/yogurt..)

There was too much plastic bottles to carry by rollerblades, we'll probably need the car (the bags are too big & too full!!) We almost don't buy new plastic bottles anymore, these are old ones or our relatives'!

Also carried two (quite heavy) boxes of paper to the neighbours! Who needs weight-lifting? ;)
They have a kid in primary school & next year the kids would collect paper at school, so they agreed to store the paper in their barn attic. (The paper recycling bin was quite full so this was an overall better solution!)
We were decluttering this week, & it was handy to get rid of the paper!

Dad & I had a huge row re: recyclables earlier this week - I demanded a CLEAN bag & CLEAN hands when sorting them, can you imagine?
I told him Mom & I would take over all dealing with recyclables (to prevent further misunderstandings or bad solutions) & now they need to be sorted more frequently, to avoid Dad's on-the-spot decisions of dubious nature & impatience, or misunderstandings.
If you take them to the bins more frequently, it's easier to carry them without a car!
I also put the 'questionable' recyclables in separate bags, so we can at least recycle more often what we know gets recycled for sure.

PS Still experimenting with blog layout, if I messed some things up I deeply apologize! (Had no idea changing the layout might cause some changes & stuff to disappear!) I may experiment with the layout some more, so that it's easy to comment even for friends with older computers! (Apparently some blogs are easier to read & comment on! If you know which, do tell!)


  1. Hi Layla!!!
    What a funny way to go recycling things!
    Fortunately I have recycling bins in front of my house, so I don't need particular efforts to go there. I could go to recycle things everytime I need but I do it several times only for glass. Having at home a bag full of glass pots and bottles is very cumbersome. For the other recycling items I have separated bags at home... you know it, do you remember my old post?
    The sad things is that in summer we have a lot of turists so they mix recycling items in bins and they never wash them! :(
    Citizens are exhausted... we need doorstep waste collection!
    But nevermind... Hope things will be better in the future...

    And the new blog layout is great! Very relaxing colours! Black was great the same, beacuse made us save energy, but was less easy to read!
    I don't know what layout is more suitable for old internet browsers, but I can ask my brother. He is keen about computers! ;)

  2. Hi Danda!

    Rollerblading is great fun!! :)

    You're lucky to have recycling bins close to your home!
    We reuse glass bottles (for juice or apple cider or vinegar or blueberry brandy or such)
    I remember your excellent recycling station!! It is of great inspiration to me!
    We still don't have things completely under control!

    Too bad about tourists, hope it gets better!
    Does anyone educate & inform the tourists? Are there instructions on the bins? Or small ads in touristy catalogues/brochures? Or on the radio? (in multiple languages?)

    Glad you like the new layout! I thought black was saving energy too, but read it only saves energy for old CRT monitors, not for new LCDs!

    If your brother knows anything, I'll be very happy!
    (If not, I'll just continue to experiment! :)

  3. Taking the recycling on rollerblades sounds like an excellent idea! There was a man on the news on the TV here that takes his recycling on his bike!

  4. I love how you turn recycling into exercising. I view decluttering in that way too - all that lifting and stretching while you get your home in order and help save the planet too - it's perfect! I haven't rollerbladed for a long time; LMG and I used to go together and hold hands!

    The lady you spoke to reminds me of how we first started - Mr G would throw cans in in the bin and I would take them out for recycling. And now look at him- how things change ;)