Friday, November 27, 2009

Fitness Experts Advise to Eat Snickers?? Cookie Dilemma!

European Minimize Waste Week is almost over, and I've been feeling very guilty for not doing more. Well, hopefully next year. Ideally, I'd send articles or at least a press release to Slovenian media, but I just didn't know what to write. The waste issue in Slovenia just seems soo CHAOTIC!

Do I tell people the bad truth about recycling, or do I try to encourage them to recycle anyway? (It's probably better to recycle WELL - wash/clean the recyclables etc - than not at all, as DIRTY and moldy recyclables definitely don't get recycled. I do understand people who say, 'But it's not recycled then' because in some cases it really isn't - if the stuff is too dirty or they don't have a buyer. So, what to say?)
I wanted to get a 'list' of what is really recycled and what isn't, it seems not so easy to get by, and these things seem to change. As in any market it's about 'demand'. So, what to do? Any ideas?
I wanted to get together with another 'expert' on this, and it just hasn't been possible yet. Big dilemmas, yeah!

Also, my backache flared up again.
(Word of advice: if you see your backache appears after a changed monitor set-up, change it back as soon as possible and don't hope your body gets used to it!! And stay away from cookies!:)
My back got all better after 2 days away from the computer and some lovely company, and then it went worse again!

At least I'm being pretty much zero waste about the backache. I don't believe in pills or medicines (except when REALLY needed). Instead, I'm staying away from all cookies and sweets (again) and also - just in case, from gluten/flour and milk.
Also took a lovely walk today (these are imperative for my back's wellbeing too!) and it's already WAY better!

I'm afraid I haven't been able to stay away from cookies in the house, or offered at charity 'do's' - so no idea how to solve the Sis dilemma.
She started going to fitness and bought a bunch of 'trash'! (Her words!) Basically chocolate bars etc. She says the fitness instructor told her to eat them!! (Then explained he said it's better if she doesn't eat too big breakfast and eats an energy bar after fitness training, like Snickers because it has peanuts and thus more protein.)

I couldn't believe it!!

These bars don't even have a 'green dot'!! (They're 'supermarket brand' with metallicized plastic foil and would probably just go to incinerator anyway!! Even if they DID have a green dot or whatever.)

Sis said she bought them cause 'there was nothing at home' - and 'anything would be okay', muffins or cookies or whatever..

I'm afraid to bake for fear my backache would flare up again..
Do you have a secret recipe how to stay away from cookies/yummy sweets that are in the house/freezer?
Sis wants to lose weight, so the whole thing seems highly unethical - but it's better to have DIY zero waste cookies than store-bought trash?!!

Maybe just bake 1x/month and freeze? (And she takes them out as she needs them?)
She'd have cookies every week if she could, possibly every day, but I couldn't stay away from them if they'd be outside in the kitchen, and possibly my backache would flare again?

Baking just a few doesn't seem very energy-friendly, so probably best to freeze baked ones. Are they even any good, out of the freezer directly?
(I've frozen muffins before, they were inedible even before the freezing, but Dad still ate them! Sometimes my relatives amaze me!)
And yes, I can bake edible cookies, but usually there are none left to freeze! :)


  1. Oh no..sorry to hear about your back ache...hope it gets better soon x

    Sounds like you've been doing loads though, so I think you have no need to feel guilty at all - especially as you've not been feeling your best (sometimes our bodies just don't want to cooperate do they!)

    How does the recycling work where you are? Do they collect it or do you have to take it somewhere? Do they really not recylce the recycling! Thats outrageous! I think (hope) most of ours is done properly. I guess you've probably already contacted your local council to try to find out how much is actually recycled, I'm with you, I wouldn't know what to do next either, hopefully someone else'll have some excellent ideas!

    Not sure about that snickers bar as a healthy snack either - oooh dear! Maybe you could try making her a homemade peanut brittle type thing if she wants something sweet after her workout, or would she just take plain nuts or some chocolate from a more environmetally nice package??

  2. Thanks Sooz! :)

    Luckily Sis has agreed to 1x/month baking and freezing her cookies/muffins, so we'll see how it goes!
    'But I won't stay away from chocolate', she threatened me. lol I said, 'Just pick recyclable packaging.' still to find out what that would be.

    Yup, I contacted the local council, but what they and the lovely green booklet say and what the people they give the recyclables to say, are two different things!!
    You might wanna ring the people/company your council gives recyclables to as well, check their website first.. The council & green booklet say eg PP#5 yogurt pots or margarine tubs or tetrapaks are collected separately and recycled, but the recipients of recyclables say they don't accept these, as they couldn't find buyers in the past? soo..?

  3. I agree; better to recycle WELL!
    Sorry to hear about your back...I've been having it too lately...I plan to do more stretching exercise more often...been sitting too much on my desk! get well soon...cheers to yummy chocolate!

  4. Hi Layla!
    What a awful thing to have back ache, but as the previuos comment says, stretching exercises are good... my mate did them under the control of a specialist and they worked well!

    As regards cookies and snickers: baking more cookies is good, but perhaps you can find a recipe for long lasting cookies, that you can put in a tin box. Also homemade brittles can be a solution, as Sooz said, they have more energy. At least, if your sister can't renounce to chocolate, I suggest to buy RitterSport chocolate that has a PP#5 packaging... even if PP#5 is really recycled there.

    It's a sad story to hear about what is really recycled beyond collecting, but we must recycle the same. It's even better than send waste to the incinerators. Perhaps a little percentage is recycled the same!
    So we must trust more in local services and buy more things with recycled materials!

    At last, if you can, please come to visit my blog. There's a SOS Recycle for you! ;)

  5. I love your point about recycling. We really need to try recycling within the home and re-use things ourselves before sending off with the garbage man.

  6. Thank you Lenore, Danda and Kris! :)

    My back is already better - been too much at my desk too!
    I really want to start stretching etc again, though sometimes it seems worse after doing exercises?! (So I'm a bit afraid to start again, lol!)
    I'm eating more vegetarian food & no sweets, and it seems to help too!!

    Kris, so glad you like the idea of re-use at home 1st!! (It can also be among friends or community!) Now imagine the kind of fabulous party with awesome food like you made (girls, check out Kris' blog! Yum!) and maybe a little eco extra? Like an eco fair or swaporamarama or something? :) You inspire me!

  7. Sounds like you've been doing loads though, so I think you have no need to feel guilty at all

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