Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009! Eco Romance in Writing!

I resisted for years, but somehow this year I signed up!

Okay, we all know sitting behind a computer isn't too eco, so why choose to do something like this?

Using so much paper isn't exactly eco either, at least I managed to buy ECF paper (elemental-chlorine free) locally and saved some one-side printed paper from burning today! Let's hope we'll find even more eco paper!

Why I first got involved in this zero waste thing is through my first novel (SF romance) I started writing a couple of years ago. I couldn't just 'do nothing', my characters kicked my ass into 'doing something'!!

I've always wanted to be a writer, since I was a little girl and read Heidi and Tom Sawyer! (And Astrid Lindgren!)
I fully believe books can change people's views and lives. (And sometimes create future.)
And they are cheapest and probably most eco means of travel to far-off locations (and universes).

Do you know how they say, 'A pen is stronger than a sword'?

In Slovenia, when Slovenian people had zero political power (like in 19th century or earlier) most education and 'enlightenment' and even political 'togetherness' came through literature, the written word.

When black people in USA were slaves, they still had the blues.

And no one could take that away from them.

When direct political speech was prohibited, fairytales and folksy songs were still okay, and passed the eyes of censors.

I thought about this muchly, and wondered, what to do. Then, I thought if one simple book could inspire me so much, maybe it could inspire others too? Empower and encourage people who'd otherwise just 'walk away' or think 'nothing can be done'?
Imagine if all people worldwide could be inspired to go more eco and do their best to go zero waste.. Or even just start making even the smallest changes!

My friends got inspired to really be more eco after I read them the Eco Cabaret and asked them to star in it! :)
(It's not finished yet and they're busy with other things now, we still hope to make it happen! And I told them they must set an example for others, so they're doing some awesome eco things already described!)

If everyone does just a little, together, we can do A LOT!!

If everyone on Earth would recycle just one can more - that would be A LOT of cans!!

I've learnt so much about zero waste inbetween that I can't possibly fill it all in the 1st book, especially as it's 3/4 written already! (and happening in Outer Space!)

So a few months ago I started writing a new eco romance, and then just run out of gas mid-book. I got this fun new idea for characters and conflict a few days ago and thought, 'Why not do NaNo'?

Check out my novel synopsis and please give me ideas, cause I almost ran out of what to write already! :)

Of course it's going to be an eco romance! :)

Do tell if you've signed up too, and friend me up! (I'm EcoLayla there!)
Oh, and do post your bodycount, oops wordcount!

Did I tell you I was slightly competitive? ;)

And YAY my first checque for the eco articles just arrived!! :)
It's not so big, but it's not so small either, so now I'm encouraged to write more articles! :)

Oh, and I had the brilliant idea to explore what it would be like to start an eco NGO or an eco biz (because a friend was telling me to do either or both!) - so what better way to do it than through a book? ;)

And there definitely aren't enough fun books with sassy sexy eco heroines!
There are films like Erin Brockovich or Princess Mononoke, but books? Do tell me if you know of any!

Do you read books? What kind of issues or questions would you like to see explored? What kind of heroines and heros would you like to see?
Any names for good guys or bad guys that you must see? ;)


  1. yeah I'm not sure of the books related to eco... I do agree that recycling is very important! I always recycle my canned drinks and paper :D

  2. An eco-romance!!! You're a genius, as I said lots of time! What a perfect idea to spread a green awareness in a funny way! So good luck for the competition. When I have a bit' time more, I'll read your synopsis and suggest some issue more... but now I'm too much busy! ;) Sorry!

  3. PopChampagne, great to see you always recycle canned drinks and paper! Maybe you can check if plastics and glass can be recycled locally too?

    Danda, great to hear you like the idea of an eco romance! :) (Or a few)
    NaNoWriMo is not really a competition - it's just competition with yourself, to finish 50.000 words in one month! :)
    I'll be really happy to hear your comments and ideas about the synopsis! I know you're a busy woman now, best of luck with the zero waste week!! :)

  4. Wow, an eco romance sounds brilliant! Let us know how it goes :) Have you read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, shes not exactly an eco heroine, but she is a bit of a hippy! I can't think of any eco-fiction, although I know some must exist becuase there was an eco-theory optional module on my english lit degree, unfortunately I didn't take that module, so it's a mystery to me!

    I came across these tips for more eco-friendly computering the other day - might be helpful to just check you're doing all you can while you'll be using your computer so much - http://heathenandvegan.blogspot.com/2009/10/vegan-mofo-day15-blog-action-day.html

  5. Thanks Sooz!!

    I checked out those tips! (and unplugged the printer, I usually plug it out but someone forgot?;)

    Interesting about eco-theory on your English lit degree - can you find out more about this?

    Yes, I've read Stargirl and loved it!! (A bit sad at the end, but still!! I wonder what's happened to her later on!:)

    Apparently people have started Stargirl Societies??!! :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargirl_%28novel%29

  6. Hey Layla,

    There's a follow up to Startgirl actually, it's called Love Stargirl, but I haven't read it...I also love The Secret Island by Enid Blyton, I think it must have really inspired me as a child becuase it's about some children who run away and live on an island where they have chickens and grow veggies! There doesn't seem to be much eco-lit aimed at adults though does there? I think you might have found a market!

    I tried to look up the eco-theory module, but it doesnt seem to exist anymore, I did find this one though, which sounds like kind of the same thing, but less theory based and more book based, it even has the reading list!


  7. Thanks Sooz! :)

    I looked it up online, will be looking forward to read Love Stargirl too! And we'll see what the movie looks like! :)

    WOW, I don't think I read Secret Island - we read 'Five Friends' by Enid Blyton if I remember it right.. (I was a bit 'too big' by the time they hit Slovenia, but my Sis read them and so I had to too!)

    This eco lit module sounds interesting! I took a brief look at the books, not sure if any has a female protagonist? And the book under 'activism' is about smashing machines? OoO (How 'non zero waste' is that?!)

    I've been greatly inspired as a kid by Pippi Longstocking to live in a villa and have a 'lemonade tree' where you can have a picknick on!
    Don't know where my love of nature and all things eco comes from? Maybe Heidi (invalid Clara loved fresh country mountain air so much she walked! Better than Esmeralda and Mexican soap operas!)
    Also maybe Ronya by Astrid Lindgren - she lived in a forest and was a 'creature of the forest/of nature' - think Romeo and Juliet in Scandinavian woods! Very cool!

  8. Awww I'd like a lemonade tree too! I might see if the library has Royna - I only look about 12 so the library lady doesn't suspect I'm getting out books for people half my age!

    Have you read herland - it's about a society only made up of women, and everything is lovely and then 3 male explorers discover it, that has some strong female characters in it, but I can't remember now how eco it is?!

  9. WOW! Thanks for the recommend!
    Haven't read it yet! Sounds very interesting!
    "All three of the male characters learn over time that Herland greatly surpasses their own male-built civilization. It is a vegetarian society, void of poverty, war, and even garbage. " found at Wikipedia

    I checked - Ronya exists in English http://www.librarything.com/work/131254/editions/ (I think our/original illustrations were even better though!:)
    And there seems to be a movie but I'm afraid to watch it since I really DIDN'T like the Pippi movie/series!!

  10. lol I watched the Ronya movie clips and it's not so bad - very cheeky 1984ish though!:)
    Read the book first if you can, and hope you get original illustrations by Ilan Wikland as they're awesome!!