Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lessons Learnt

Today I was thinking: I must be crazy to be doing this. lol
A simple event – just telling people to stop and say hi to some eco people, to meet some new ideas and concepts, in short, to have an eco stand by our local supermarkets – has been a project of great endeavor and undertaking.

It's still not finished.
I was fretting today over some silly details.

Then, I was talking to the two other coordinators involved, and learnt some really important lessons.

A minor change of a very simple thing (that I don't basically care about - either way, I see good things!) pulls together with it a bunch of other stuff that can make other people's lives miserable!

Just like changing materials in plastic disposable cups!
Did you know that the small cups (eg used in coffee machines or for beverages at outdoor events) are almost impossible to recycle (in Slovenia) because the manufacturers change the materials according to the price. And there is no IR technology to decipher the materials with infrared technology! In whole of Slovenia! The cups look the same - but are impossible to recycle when there's a bunch of different materials that all look the same! And bear the same company name!

Beer cups are supposed to be pretty safe.

Also, there was a bottled water company abroad (France or Germany, methinks) that changed its bottle caps to aluminum. Pretty stylish and nifty and eco, eh?
Damn right. Not.
All the recyclers had machines and technology adapted to plastic bottle caps.

One tiny detail - and it can ruin the whole process for A LOT of people!!

Luckily, I'm blessed with two awesome girl scouts leaders and an awesome eco teacher that are doing this too. The eco stand in near future.
I used to fret about it (big time!) now I feel happy we started doing this.
Cause if we learn how to coordinate each other and how to express our priorities in a clear manner, establish 'most important' things and ways of communication, I have great hope that the rest of Slovenia and the rest of people everywhere can do this too.



  1. Hey Layla,

    You sound a bit calmer about things now, I'm so glad! Please don't be stressed anymore! I'm so glad that you're girl scouts and eco teachers are being more helpful and reliable, sounds like you're making good progress! Well done you :) x

  2. Layla, Thank you so much for visiting my let down the rain blog!!!! I became your follower today! I am an eco girl, hippy, new ager, old ever you want to describe
    I appreciate you commenting, it means alot!

  3. Okay, I must officially clean my bathroom now!! :)
    Thanks for the follow, VivaciousVegan!

    Great to meet another eco girl!

    Sooz, thanks! I really did get much calmer after the eco stand, unfortunately I seem to be the type that can't really function without worrying at least a bit for more than a few days, lol! (Am learning!!)
    Now I worry whether the priest will give us good photos to use in article, if the farming consultant will cooperate with the beekeepers etc etc! LOL!!
    This is all a fabulous learning experience, so even if I fret a bit, please bear with me! This is all very much new to me! :)

  4. I know what you mean, I worry too, at least you're brave enough to take on things that worry you...I seem to be avoiding them at the moment! It's hard isn't it when you're trying to coordinate other people and you're not sure if they're going to behave themselves! I'm sure you're being fantastic! :)

  5. lol Sooz Thank you!! :)
    ...well, when I'm not being busy franticking myself for nothing or throwing up from worries! lol! Don't think I'm some sort of hero! There are people who have done MUCH more and deserve far more credit than me! I'm just a little marble/stone in the mosaic of the joint efforts!!

    It's easier to see it that way too!! :)
    Thanks for the good wishes!! :)))))))