Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recent Local Developments

Sorry for not writing more earlier.

I'm still not quite sure what to write 'in public' and what not - I've been talking to a bunch of local people recently, and some of it is probably better kept off-record.

Some people were enthusiastic about the eco ideas (including the MP's wife!:)
Some had more ideas to discuss later. (I told them to write them up!)
The priest seems sceptical of some of the ideas, and we'll see what would be doable within the church/charity, and what outside of it.
Freecycle groups generally seem to work outside of church. I may need to talk to any successful Freecycle groups or charity organisations that have 2nd hand shops, later on.

Some people within the charity and church seem 'let's go' oriented, we just need the go-ahead too! (I do understand the official need to be careful too!)
The scouts seem to do the planning for next year in July/August, so at least we'll know for next year! (I wish I was told this in advance, instead of sort-of counting on them! Individual scouts are interested and may still help, they're busy with other stuff too soo..? We'll see!) Some scouts and the priest seem a bit jaded 'We've been doing this for years' - and felt like 'the voice of the screaming man in the desert' - hmm?!
Apparently they've given away leaflets, self-made soaps and even eco bags before, so some of them are not that interested in such things...

It's true, many people here have eco bags, many still don't use them... So ideally we'd have a short quiz, info and pictures on the stall, maybe even a song or a few or a mini funny presentation/mini-play.
And repetition is 'mother of study'. Those ads on TV are repeated for a reason!!

Two teachers are interested in possibly showing Story of Stuff to kiddies in classroom, we've been semi-invited to have a stall at a future mini-festival (which may or may not take place, but it's still exciting to think about it!:) A shop has already agreed we can have a stall there.. Two lovely ladies are already sewing cloth bags...

Small steps.

Hopefully the lots of small steps will become a big step or two too. :)


  1. Layla - I am writing you an email! It's halfway through and in my drafts! Just wanted you to know that I wasn't ingnoring you - I've just had a mental week this week - I've had one job interview and I've got another 2 coming up and I got some temping work too in a shop and my mums hurt her arm too - my worlds gone mad! I'll get back to you soon though :) x

  2. Hey Sooz and thank you!!

    Great to hear about the job interviews and temping - congratulations!
    Sorry to hear about Mum.
    Maybe the world's gone mad, and this is actually very comforting to hear! :)
    Maybe I just needed to rant a bit, feeling better already, thank you for caring!! :)