Friday, June 25, 2010

YAY Got Stung By A Bee!!

Today, Sis tells me, "I heard the bees are gathering over at neighbour's place, they will swarm, you might wanna go take a look." (I thought another neighbour told her that, turned out Dad did.)

And they did!

It was soo much FUN watching them (better than TV!), watching what the neighbour will do, getting bits of his wisdom and experience...
(His son and the family were just planning a barbecue, both son and grandson are allergic to bees and can't come near.. so they weren't too thrilled you can imagine.)

I just went there in short sleeves and wooden clogs lol - no headcovering or gloves - wasn't sure what was happening or if the neighbour would let me watch or help.. Mostly I kept safe distance anyway..

Neighbour let me watch and it was highly fascinating! They gathered on the vine and for a while we just watched if they would settle and where the queen bee could be. (They only settle if the queen bee is there.) He used some smoke to get them in a wooden small hive or back to their original hive and to 'calm' them, and then took the rest like a 'grape' over a plastic bucket - and that's when I got stung by a bee who probably thought she's had enough of it all! (probably didn't keep enough safety distance either!:)

I think I probably need to write it down or record it, for future references! :)
Even Dad was fascinated with it all, over lunch - it's good to have some fascinating topics to discuss at lunch lol!

I did get stung by a bee, but this is actually a GOOD thing (not for the poor bee). At least now I know I'm truly not allergic (was a bit scared after all the scary tales of people being allergic.. I only got stung 2x before, and was always more sorry for the poor bee than for myself.) Also, bee venom is supposed to be healthy, so YAY!

Neighbour suggested rubbing it with onion. He doesn't get any reaction, after so many years with the bees - they mostly don't sting him either! (His family members are not so safe though!)

It almost didn't hurt, and after Mum's instructions I put it under VERY hot water (such that you almost can't stand it and put the arm in and out from the tap intermittently - Dad did this with his finger and had no effects at all!)
My arm was a bit red, this almost went away after the wonderful walk I took!
(I hadn't been on a walk for 2+ weeks, being ill and in the house= one cranky Layla! No wonder my blog post yesterday was soo miserable! Must go for a walk EVERY day now!! Even if it rains cats or dogs or caterpillars!!)
I had much worse reactions the previous times when I didn't use hot water and only put vinegar on the stings.. I may experiment with onion next time too.. (I'd LOVE to learn beekeeping without bee stings but I'm being realistic here!)

I googled and found bee sting cures include heat (water or heat from cigarette butt) OR cold (?), OR onion, or some other vegetables - I think tomato was mentioned? (probably would need to check still..)
Grandma says their Mum just told them to put cold knife blade over it, or just dig up some cold earth, if they were outside.. I think some plant leaves were mentioned too.. Hm, this could be a whole separate blog post (or article?) lol!

Apparently, some people are still allergic, it's good to know many can minimize effects with natural means!
I only have the area slightly red - So YAY!! :)


  1. Baking soda is good for bee stings too (and vinegar for wasp stings - it makes bee stings worse! - bee stings are acidic, so the alkali in baking soda neutralises it, wasp stings are alkaline and are neutralised by the acid in vinegar)

    I've only ever seen a bee swarm in cartoons - I think I would have been scared!

  2. Haven't heard that yet! Interesting!

    They were pretty, and it wasn't a big swarm! They were on neighbours grapes and I didn't go too near just in case, it was quite fascinating though!

  3. gawsh you've been stung by a bee and are still so optimistic! <3 :)
    The bees die when they sting right?
    my bf got stung recently too >< on the head >< but he was good about it and didn't touch it :) so now it is subsiding <3
    Hope your sting is healed by now! <3

  4. Hello I just happened by, but it sounds so interesting to see bees swarming! It must be lovely to have beekeeping neighbours. Like you, I'd love to learn beekeeping some day.

  5. I've seen a swarm before, too and it's amazing. And the noise...all that buzzing! I've always used baking soda and water paste on bee stings to relieve the swelling.
    Glad you're not allergic to bees!

  6. kAy, I got slightly 'high' from the bee sting lol!
    And yeah, it got healed pretty soon, in a few days..

    Hi Jodi! Great to see you here! I hope you do learn beekeeping and that we can exchange secrets! :)
    I put it on hold temporarily due to other things and because I don't really know how to keep bees without any iffy chemicals??

    Hi Susan and Michael! Great to see you here too! And thanks for the tip! Haven't tried that yet!