Friday, December 17, 2010

Eco Club is on its way!! :)

Just a quickie note to say YAY I'm still alive & we've started the local ECO CLUB, YAY!! :)

I've got some tips from experienced non-profit people too, not too sure about things yet, we'll see how it goes!!

Yes, it was stressful and miserable at times, and we're still only at the start basically, but it's all very exciting too!!

Still need to educate many people here first, even the ones excited about the eco club... :)

We still don't have a name and officially don't exist yet :) and we have random places to meet.. It seems like a lotta work sometimes, it's very cool when you see glimpses of inspiration in what other people or non profits did though!! :)

And there's some SNOW again today too!! YAY!! :)


  1. That's exciting news indeed! I want to join your eco club! Sending you lots of good thoughts for your new group xx

    We have snow here too - about 5 inches today, it's not stopped all day and now it has but the temparature's dropped to -10c! eek!

  2. YAY Sooz!! :)) Thanks for the good wishes!! :)
    You're part of the Eco Club already, you know - the INTERNATIONAL version!! :)
    Wish you were here and we could do crafty stuff too!! :))

    No snow here anymore, come'n'gone 2x!! I wish for some more again, to stay more than a few days... :)

  3. Your eco club sounds like a great idea.

    You may want to try the first sharing website that enables you to share what you own with your Facebook friends. By sharing/borrowing items such as DIY tools, DVDs, books... we will reduce our carbon footprint.

    It's worth giving it a go.

  4. Thanks Elena! I will look into it! Sounds like a great idea!