Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want to live in a world...

A lot has happened lately, I wanted to blog about things, just didn't know how.

Granny died, she was my eco inspiration. Eco lady, before the word was invented! (at least locally) She taught me so much (even if she was shocked about it sometimes).

The shocking thing is I tweeted about how awesome old Grannies are* (instead of visiting her), a day or so before things went bad...

It really makes me re-evaluate all I have been doing...

Community zero waste didn't go so easy, there's a reason why green movement is scattered all over the world... The good thing is, many people are becoming more and more aware of things... (The difficult thing is to get everyone 'on board' and find ways how to do things in harmony and aligned and sustainable not just scattered and 'random'.) Small efforts still matter.

So even if we're not united (yet), or if things seem horrible sometimes, there's still hope.

This is the artist behind the song: Eeyore The Troubadour you can listen to the whole song or download it!

Love & kisses, Layla (still pretty shaken, though getting better, slowly, even decluttering the attick somewhat)

*(full version of that great short film on activist grannies here I'd probably need to make a proper blog post about it but I can't just now, you should see it though! And visit your Granny before it's too late!! Get her to teach you her eco tricks - she probably knows some mean ones! Even if she may not be aware of it at all!! There is still so much I wish to have learnt from her.. about living a simple life, in simple ways.. and how to have magic green fingers.. and stuff that only grannies can tell..)


  1. Oh Layla, I'm so sorry to hear about your Granny, lots of virtual hugs for you! I missed visiting my nan just before she died too, I knew she was in hospital but she was in and out of hospital so often I thought she'd get better and I was at uni so I didn't come home and visit her... I felt bad about it for ages, but now I just concentrate on remembering the awesome things about her (and I can visit her in the toilet in our house, which she haunts - seriously!) Here's to grannies everywhere! Take care of yourself xx

  2. Thank you Sooz!! ((hugs)) Now I wish I had blogged about this before, but I just couldn't...

    Aww, you have a haunted toilet - WOW!
    (I'd probably be scared to go there though, do you have any others?)
    I hope she doesn't haunt my toilet/bathrrom, cause I still haven't managed to clean it!! ugh!!

    Yeah, sometimes these things can be so inexplicable and so sudden...
    I still can't go back to cheerful the way I was before... 'You were her 1st grandkid, right?' someone we know asked, it's probably different than with other grandkids, yup.

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