Sunday, December 7, 2014

US & Russia: Can't We All Be Friends?

Photo courtesy of Jesslee Cuizon.

Ron Paul writes how US Congress declared war on Russia. Really?

Are they so out of their imagination they had to go back to ex enemy #1: Russia?

Is this retaliation for Russia having banned GMO (genetically modified food)?
And an attempt to get US fracking oil and gas to EU markets? US, play fair!
And have the war industry profiteer?

US has a history of starting wars and creating 'enemies'...

US, don't think you can help start another war in Europe without anyone noticing! We are watching. And there are many of us!

So now what, EU would have to declare 'war on Russia' too??

This is getting boring. Or rather, outrageous. Like 3rd grade school politics: if you'll be friends with her, I won't be friends with you! Politicians, grow up!

Can't we all be friends?

So the whole thing in Ukraine was cooked up by USA and EU meddling and interfering in overthrow of government. True, the government there was corrupt and bad. Golden toilets? Why? /exasperation!/ So maybe the overthrow was a good thing, at least partly. (Mr Putin, are you listening?)

But did really Nazis take over? Surely, new elections could help?

The situation in Ukraine needs to be resolved with words and politics - diplomacy, not weapons!

Russian-speaking people need to be able to preserve their culture and heritage too! (And some degree of autonomy.)

Ukrainian people need understanding too, some of them have suffered under Russian rule - and suffering can bring hate. But is hate the solution? Breathe.

Isn't it better to focus on creating a FAIR and GOOD country to live in for EVERYONE?

Plus, beware of genetically modified organisms coming to your fields, beautiful Ukraine!

And to the international community: why would US and BRIC countries need to be 'enemies' if they can be good partners in creating worldwide wellbeing, stability and GREEN creativity and cooperation?

Wars are NOT eco-friendly, or 'zero waste'. Some people have seen wars as 'profiteering' in the past, but with limited resources and ever-so-more-dangerous weapons, would we be able to rebuild all this? In wars, health and mental health of people on both sides suffer...

We need to WORK TOGETHER on challenges of the future and today... Like how to create less waste and better resource efficiency, while still maintaining good profits for good businesses, and a more fair world, how to promote sustainable eco-friendly world tourism... We have a LOT of WORK to do, GREEN JOBS are extremely important.

Is it possible? I HOPE SO!

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