Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aww, my Dad bought me earphones!! :)

Not the fancy, ROCKSTAR earphones!

The hardcore, anti-noise earphones!! :)

And they are naked too!! :)

/pic found here/
Well, almost!

Amazingly, they came in just a thin cardboard box, with paper instructions. I was quite delighted!

Not quite sure what they are made of (their cousins were said to be made of PVC, so checking would be ideal) & they do say the ear-thingies are replaceable & to be replaced 2x a year :(

Not sure if I'll keep them either, must test if they aren't too heavy for my neck!

As for pics about what Mom did - didn't manage to get them yet! (can you tell I'm just fiddling with my neighbours' digital camera & still working out its kinks?;)
Also, I may have more to report tomorrow!

But this is a hint:

/pic found at this gorgeous blog with more amazing pics/

PS. 2 plastic wrappings of non-cloth-hankies made it to the bin today, invisibly, must go fish 'em out! /sigh/
Advice #2 for zero waste week: always check the bin first thing in the morning before anyone manages to get anything else in it!

PPS. The chocolates are well-hidden now! Sis went & hid some of them herself!! :) Bless her!!


  1. I am even more intrigued to discover what your mum did :-D

    Can't wait!

  2. Oooo, yum - what a great present. I love a good set of earphones.

    I think you're Mum has bought you a chicken LOL!

    Lovely to find such a great zero waste present. Go Dad!

    Keep checking those bins; that what I have to do too; even after all this time :D

  3. lol Rae, no it wasn't a chicken!! :)
    Well, in a way you are close, hmm...!! ;)

    & I'm not too sure about the earphones... They make my neck hurt & after I put them off, everything's way too loud again - even louder than before!!
    so, hm..?!

    Dad or Uncle can use them when doing loud 'manly work' anyway.. (sawing, drilling etc)