Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Dad Rocks!! :)

I just had to say it, lol!! :)

Well, today he brings up the mail & says,

"Oh but I miss the junk mail a bit." (maybe he used the word catalogues)

I freeze a bit, just washing the dishes...
Then he grins & says, "Not really."
I smile.

"I liked them at first," he says. "But now there has been too much of them entirely!!"

I don't know what magic Mom has made over him, or what made him change his mind, just glad he did!! :)

I was fully ready to keep putting on new & new 0.50 EUR stickers! - but now there is no need!!:)

I am just so happy!!

My Dad deserved a big KISS, & he didn't even know why!!
(I had to explain it to him!:)

He still thinks more junk mail would be acceptable than ideal - 'Just the shops near us', but luckily the post office has gone so overboard with it, that he's okay with even the 'no junk mail' option!!

And Sis doesn't really have a 'right to vote' lol & was warned with paying 50 EUR if she peels it off!;)

So yeah, the world isn't yet perfect, but my Dad almost near is!! :)

Now hmm, wondering if my neighbours could use some of these stickers, hmm...?!!


  1. LOL - what a great story. Also thanks for all your recent comments on the blog Layla. I'll catch up with them very soon. In the meantime, I've tagged you with a meme. More information on my latest post :-D x

  2. Glad you like the story! It really warmed my heart too.. after fretting for a week what he'll say or do, lol!!

    meme - Will take a look! :)

    Take your time, I know it's the holidays! :)
    Just want you to know even your old posts are VERY inspiring!! :)
    & thought-provoking!!

  3. Brilliant layla - I love feel good stories like this. Give your dad a kiss from me too LOL!

  4. Glad you like the story, Rae! :)

    Not sure what Mum will say if I give Dad kisses from strangers! ;)
    /She did rant at him yesterday for cooking the soup 'wrong'! /sigh/ Maybe she just doesn't appreciate what she has? Or has been under a lotta stress recently..? :)
    & maybe hasn't quite recuperated health-wise, & now sis - oops, next post!/