Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disposal of 'Big Garbage' and Electronics

We had a 'big garbage disposal' week this week.
I had been in a frenzy ever since I read the leaflet that asked people to put out their old furniture etc AND old computers or TVs (!)...

As it is, computers & old TVs (full of toxic chemicals) etc were waiting for 2 days IN THE RAIN (!), mostly unprotected (some in plastic bags) - the leaflet just said 'protect appropriately' - now everyone could interpret that as wished!

(This is a random pic but looks similar to some of our neighbours' stuff!!)

The 'mixed garbage' truck came first & 'gobbled up' some chewable (&probably burnable) 'trash' (without sorting any plastics or such! - I only hoped there was no #3!), then a truck for electronics came & old fridges & such were hauled onto it.. not very gently, I may say..
So at least some of it was sorted, not sure where it went afterwards.. Ideally it would all be transparent and on websites of appropriate companies..

Still not happy with it..

Some really pretty stuff was put out there.. in the rain.. A bird cage, a CD stand, a very pretty cabinet.. Some kids jumped with their dirty muddy shoes on bed matresses and a suntanning folding chair.. & smashed some of the stuff, almost throwing something in a nearby lady's head!!
I did give 'em a good talking to, but still!! (One would hope their parents would teach them better, no?)
When we were little, we found treasures in the 'big garbage' containers.. (like the big bag we & later generations of neighbours' kiddies played Postman with!)
One neighbour had just dumped beautiful clothes (& another neighbour thankfully pulled them out & gave for the charity NGO!)

Ideally a reuse station would prevent such crazy goings-on!
Wouldn't it be better for all those pretty things to be safely deposited & sorted & if necessary repaired & people with lower income could get them for free or very cheap?
Like in the USA: a great video - in Berkley etc. you can buy gorgeous stuff for little or no money!!

Nova Scotia, Kanada: I LOVE the cute furniture/home renovation shop (shown at 19:10) in the video presented by Paul Connet about the recycling/zero waste system in Nova Scotia

Another cool video by Prof Paul Connet: in Burlington, a non-profit picks up old PCs, fixes them or puts parts to reuse or recycling and sells cheaply, families with low income get coupons to get stuff for free..
it's also a job-training center & creates new jobs..

Both neighbour & I would love an old computer mouse (for the very old PCs), such a reuse station might actually have a proper one!!

I talked to Mum about it, & she thinks a reuse station would be a great idea too..
Another idea I thought about a lot would be a used/pre-loved clothes fair or swap.
Mum talked to her charity NGO 'boss' & she seemed interested in a 'clothes swap' event or something like that too.. I wonder if it could be 'pulled off' in a fancy way..
I REALLY like Swishing or Swaporamarama - great video with its founder.
/Especially as I was invited to a wedding, & asked to be a bridesmaid!! in a turquoise blue pretty satin dress!! with golden (or non-golden) pretty shoelets! - How to do this the zero waste way??!!/

So, these ideas are still in the talking stage.. Ideally more people would know about them & become enthusiastic about them too..
I did talk to a few neighbours on toxicity of computers etc, they were touched a bit.. It would be good to have a better system next year ideally..

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