Monday, June 29, 2009

Geronimo! & they say condoms can't be reusable?;)

This was in discussion at another forum & I just had to paste it here for all you ladies' (& gents') enjoyment: old-fashioned condom & a nice elderly man who talks about it!

So I wonder, would something like this still be possible today?;)


  1. LOL - that is hilarious and that chap is great! :-D

    Thanks for making me giggle :-D

  2. Layla - I'm back again....have tagged you; Come and have a look over at the blog :-D x

  3. Hi Layla,

    Zero Waste condoms are a great idea. Refillable systems are certainly the future!

    Eric Clapton's group Derek and the Dominoes had a classic with the the song Layla. Have you heard it?

  4. lol Mrs A, I am terribble with the tags!!
    Haven't even gotten round to posting the old one yet!

    John, lol, I wonder what 'general public' would say on these! :)

    Yes, I love Eric Clapton & his music!! including 'Layla'! :)