Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zero waste pizza possible? In a students' dorm?

I visited my cousin at the students' dorm, & while also meeting many great people interested in zero waste & a better world :D (which is always a good thing!:)
my cousin fed me order-pizza!!

hmm!! It was YUMMY!! but-

could the boxes be made compostable? (or can they be composted as they are?)
why did they add sweets in plastic foil (to throw away)?
& salad in 2 recyclable #6 containers? (that I doubt my coz will wash - forgot to remind her!) They could've brought that in one container - it was one big pizza!!
(Could even those containers be reusable? Are there any already, anywhere in the world?)

If I ever visit her again, I will probably have to insist on another option!!
(or maybe we can just cook some pasta? I saw a student use Barilla carton packaged pasta - but the box wound up in the mixed-waste bin!! Together with some bread etc!! ugh!!)

I didn't see them throw that in! Or I would've said something!!

Students are notoriously 'bad' when it comes to recycling & such!!
/I did fish out a newspaper my coz's roommate threw in their bin though!/
Newspapers can be recycled most easily!! (as opposed to bad glossy magazines!!)

need to research more what is available to them to sort the 'garbage' in!

Feels like the day we started sorting the trash at home - from scratch!

Ooh, there's more work to be done!! :)


  1. Take-away food is always tough on the bin. In the UK, the best form of waste-free options are fish and chips, which come in paper, or some chinese restaurants also have reusable plastic pots that are good for the freezer. Better luck next time :-D

  2. reusable plastic pots which can be used for freezer - sounds like a good idea!
    Haven't come across that here yet - it's mostly flimsy plastic boxes that seem to break easily, maybe a few for salads were a bit sturdier.. or paper boxes for pizzas that look chlorine-bleached, hmm.. (maybe they aren't?)

    It would be good to have a list of zero waste restaurants! :)