Monday, June 1, 2009

Zero Waste Report #8: Can we take the trash out?;)

Today, Mum asked: 'Can we take the trash out?'

& I said, 'Can we last 1 more week so it's 2 months?'

Yes, the bin is pretty FULL!!

& Mum had 3 quite dirty-looking plastic bags (from spinach & quark! yucky!) she wanted to get rid of in the bin - if we took it out.. I muffled around a bit, not sure what to say.. Then I started drying up the rest of the dishes, & she just washed the darn bags, & I hung them on the line outside to dry!

must say I hang them conveniently above asparagus so it gets some moisture - seems to be enjoying it! ;)

I've also started thinking more about water these days, as it's been really hot, & we discussed it some at the Slovenian forum..

Some said washing the recyclables etc isn't wise with regard to water use, but we use the water we've been washing other stuff in too (if detergent is needed) or pour the nutrient-rich water (from yogurt etc!) into compost!

I re-use water from washing lettuce to put into the tub for watering plants (if there's room) or water the grass beneath the balcony.. Today, I had a crazy idea to have the big tub outside the house closer to the balcony or connected to the balcony so I could pour it all in?! (I hate splashing about too much lol!)

So, hopefully, we'll last till next week & then take the bin out, & start anew!
(& hopefully with a 'stricter' regime again!!:)

EDIT: More than 2 months now!! YAY!!! :) Go Mum!! Go us!! :)


  1. Hi Layla,

    So glad you washed the recyclables. The purity of recyclate will affect recycling and my view is to clean out all content and remove all labels. That way the waste at reprocessors is minimised.

    Water is also an issue and reuse in the garden is an excellent choice.

  2. Hi John!

    Yes, we always try to wash the recyclables when needed! (hopefully in time, you know how it is!)

    I would really LOVE to go for 3 months or more with our next 'fresh' bin!! :)

  3. Layla,

    That is the right way to approach the waste issue and 3 months is a good target when the whole family is not united in a Zero Waste attitude.

    My view, here in Scotland, is that the situation is so bad that handing over waste to any agency makes it landfill bound. My 5 year target is the only way to guarantee Zero Waste, for the present anyway.

  4. John, do you mean that nothing is recycled in Scotland? (or a very small percentage?)

    In Slovenia, I was surprised that only a small % is recycled.. I do think that what is collected separately has a good chance of being recycled!

    My family is so-so, sometimes I think they are fully on board, & sometimes they seem to enjoy throwing stuff away?!

  5. Hi Layla,

    The recycling here is way behind all the gals down South, in England. We now have an HWRC locally, though all that is changed is the name! There are 10+ items not recycled eg Aluminium foil, aerosols. I keep all these otherwise they will be landfilled.

    Separate collections are the best. The commingled collections here have 5-10% waste at the MRF's. That is too much since Zero Waste is the target.

    Slovenia is behind in recycling. You should mention your experience with other countries through your many contacts there.

    Let your family do their own thing but praise them for the positives they do achieve. That will work! It is what you do that matters. We all think you are a great addition to our trend, a real Zero Waste enthusiast and probably the youngest to start in our trend.

    The Recycle Week here should be a mega-event. Join in at the varioue websites and learn how to do a campaign. It could help you with your local recycling campaigns. The Week should be good for Zero Waste as well.

  6. John, no idea if I'm the youngest or not - there are probably younger people too!!
    (Jen&Grant@Clean Bin are quite young, locally I know someone who tries her best too, & local scouts are quite eco, though not maybe totally 'zero waste' yet..)

    By separate collections do you mean plastics separately, aluminum separately..? & what's a MRF?

    Yeah, seeing the positives & praising really does work! (sometimes the terrible nagging & 'bitchin' does too!:)

    I do mention the international enthusiasts to my family & friends & online, haven't written an article about you guys yet, as the local magazine here is about local events mostly! (Am trying to think of a way to write about you all!:)
    You are pointed out as a great example to my Dad & he is quite appreciative of your efforts!! :)