Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been Farm

Geesh, I'm simply exhausted.

We've been picking the beans at Uncle's farm. Threatened by bad weather, we wanted to pick as much as possible. Some rain appeared inbetween, but we were fearless. Then it got sunny again, and we bravely did all we planned. Including making the beets less crowded. (Pretty sure this is not the right expression but can't find a dictionary:)

My nails and fingers hurt. Not sure if I'll be able to play any guitar today! (& I soo promised myself to start practising with JustinGuitar again! (If Katie Melua and Armenians can play fab in 6 months, maybe so can I?;)

Uncle helped us a bit, then he went to milk the cows...

It's such a different life...
I wanted to write articles today, but beans don't wait!

If 10 years ago someone would be telling me I would willingly pick beans, I would smack 'em!

But with Argentinian beans and Chinese garlic in our supermarkets, with GMO (genetically modified) food threatening on every corner, I am damn proud to be growing some authentic Slovenian food! (Or at least helping out, I'm still such a newbie!)

You know what, picking beans is boring. Especially when Mom and Dad quarrel, and Dad intentionally misunderstands us and mopes, or when the neighbours start loud equipment (I sighed and inserted earplugs).
If we calculated the hours (and fuel and food needed:) it would probably not cost as much as cheap food in supermarkets.

But it's FREE food!! Zero waste food! (If we manage to get it into freezer zero waste style!) From our seeds, completely self-sustainable.
Even if Peak Oil happens, or 2012 or whatever (not that I have my hopes up), we still have the beans and will be able to eat and survive. :)

And one can practise old silly songs in one's head, or listen to Uncle and find out things about planes and technology I had no idea about. (My Uncle ROCKS!)
I was even told about the old ways of handling the beans - zero freezer (and zero bugs!) ways. I hope to remember them and maybe some time put them to practice.

"9 bean rows?" I want to ask Yeats. We did 3 rows of Uncle's and 4 of ours and were quite exhausted! (Some was left to ripen.) Surely, he didn't pick it all in a day?

Maybe next year I'll update myself to an ipod or such, and have music in my ears instead of random noise.
Feels like a short while since we were planting the beans with Aunt. And chatted, talked about many things... Old ways were tiresome, but more sociable in many ways..
The cats are all grown up now, and still very hungry indeed lol.. But farm cats must be hungry to catch mice, no?

I'm still trying to figure out how to do effective time management with farm life included:) And Dad asked me if I lost the buzz for bees yet?!
I'm happier at the farm than in many many other places...


  1. sorry to hear that you were so tired n hurt :( hope you feel better after resting :)
    how good are you at playing the guitar? :)
    my sister taught me a few chords :P but i haven't been practising much :P shame on me :P
    i really like the idea of being more eco friendly :)

  2. Great to be back Layla, I like the new colour :) I love the harvest season too - we've just eaten tomatoes and basil for lunch and I'm planning some apple pies and passata later.

    Enjoy your beans and I hope your hands recover - Mr G is excellent at guitar, he used to play bass in a band, but I don't know how to play one chord - the piano and flute are my instruments :)

  3. Welcome back Layla!
    Plenty of news from you!!! It's great to know that you're engaged in the farm jobs... I think that the satisfaction you proved is more than tiredness. Surely it will pass soon and your fingers will be soon able to play guitar!
    A propos what kind of music do you like to play? I'm not so good to play guitar but a lot of years ago I played in a tribute band of the Cranberries.
    It was very funny and I'd like to play guitar and sing again... but time is cruel sometimes.
    And the old songs of the Cranberries (Yeat's Grave) made me know Yeats... I love his poetry!!! ;)

  4. Thanks, Kay & Danda! :)
    I did soon feel better!! :)

    WOW, Danda!! Didn't know you played in a band!! You must be really good!!
    And Mr G played in a band too!!
    No wonder we all get along so fab, didn't know everyone was so artsy! :)

    Me & guitar.. lol, it's a love and hate relationship! Sometimes I am too lazy to practise too, and sometimes I've practised every day.. It depends.. I've played in public (a few times), or with friends, singing.. I'm not so good as I would like to be!! :)
    I learnt classical guitar as a kiddie (mostly boring!) and really wanted to play piano.. Then mainly taught myself the chords.. I'm no Satriani or such (=can't solo!), just play to accompany the singing mostly.. mostly acoustic or such, maybe some pop/rock or rock'n'roll or even country or punk/rock... :)

    Maybe we can set up an eco band? ;)

    Kay, so glad you like the idea of being more eco friendly! Do report how it goes!! :)