Thursday, September 17, 2009

Effective Eco Time Management?

If you have A LOT of projects, ideas and wishes and things to do... How to track it all and know what to do when? (And not just resort to reading the latest thrilling romance? hm!)

People at writing forums say, 'Just write', but what if you are haunted of things not done yet and vague visions of ideas to be done even before you start?

Enter GTD. Getting Things Done is a famous book on organizing and time management, and there are A LOT of spin-offs online, some for writers or designers or other freelancers specifically. (I've even DONE some of this stuff before, and it was effective, and then just stopped and wondered where my inspiration/motivation has gone!)

GTD is or can be paper-intensive. It is also very vague and unstructured, so how to do it in a more Nature-friendly way?

I am still wrestling with some of the GTD concepts and ideas, and will probably come up with a system of my own.. (I've set up the 'inbox' already and it seems strangely inspiring!) It can be mind-boggling indeed (Read this article! It's hilarious!!:).

A 'tickler' file (no idea if I need one but some people have found it helpful) can be big or small. Tracking or planning your day can be done on a daily or weekly basis (more or less paper intensive).

Judy of the Woods has more fab ideas on flickr and her website!
She makes her own project booklets/binders (out of plastic milk containers and other scrap materials!)

I've done some tweaking of my binders and such (who needs 4 holes if 2 is more handy? And am running out of envelopes used as project folders) but she takes it to the next level!
I'm wondering how doable some of that stuff is, and what I could do too... :)

What DIY projects have you done to keep ORGANIZED and have effective time management?
How do you keep organized and how do you plan and keep track of things?


  1. Ack; organisation is such a bug bear of mine. I do have a household 'control journal'. In it are jobs that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly or six monthly such as wipe around toilet and sink daily, clean kitchen cupboards weekly, clean windows monthly etc. These are written on pieces of paper which are in plastic folders and I use a chinograph pencil to tick when it's done. At the end of the week the pencil can be erased and I can start over,

    FOr writing projects I simply have a paper folder which I put pieces of paper into with ideas on. I need to do this as I'm a visual person, but I always use scrap paper - the backs of letters and printouts etc to make it more eco friendly.
    I can't use a digital or audio system because I'm so visual.

    For up to date stuff I have huge pieces of paper stuck on the wall with post it notes on them. I write things down as I think of them and they get moved onto a 'done' sheet once completed. This helps me to maintain a sense of getting through things because I always have so many ideas - you're an creative ideas person too so I know you can relate to this - that I need to see progress.

    My mind tells me I have achieved nothing, so I need a reality check.

    So none of my stuff is eco friendly, but it keeps me sane...

  2. i think i'm usually pretty bad at time management :P so these are really interesting topics for me! :) i usually just write everything down in one small notebook i always carry around with me :P

    I really love DIY projects though! And whenever it includes recycling old things, I'm always up for that! :) Recently I've been into recycling small boxes by flipping them inside out and gluing them back together :) i really like the "brown" colored textures that's usually inside the box to show on the outside :) I think it looks pretty neat! :)

    oh btw! i really love your comment about the "eco lawn mower"!!! haha! that is just too adorable! :P I've always wanted rabbits as pets but won't get one until I have a place with a garden at least! :P

  3. Hi, Environmental protection is the need of the hour and your effort is very commendable in that direction. Thanks a lot and Keep it up

  4. Hi Layla,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, I love the metal box idea!

    Michelle :)

  5. Hi girl~
    Thanks so much for the lovely birthday greeting. =)
    Hm...I don't really do DIY projects. I keep things orgainized by a planner and just joint things down.

  6. WOW!! Rae, you seem to be Queen of Organization!! :)

    Some really good suggestions there, especially the part about keeping note of accomplishments too!
    I think I may need to print this all out to process proper! :)

    You are much better at cleaning the bathroom than I am!!

    Sanity is eco friendly, definitely!! :)

    Kay, writing stuff down in a small notebook you always carry with is one of the first steps in effective time management! David Allen of GTD calls it 'ubiquitus capture' (or something like that) - meaning you jot down ideas everywhere, and then process them when you have the time!

    I'm still reading about the whole processing thing and how to do it!

    Hi, Pdkamath! Nice to see you on my blog - where did you find me? :)
    Glad to hear you are interested in environmental protection too and thank you for your support!! :) muchly appreciated!

    Hi, Michelle! Great to see you here and glad you love the metal box idea! It could also be used for things like lip balm or such! (in a reusable way)
    Everyone, Michelle is an awesome artist with very cheerful and colorful designs, go take a look!

    Hi, Sassy J'adore! Great to see you here too, I love your blog! (Don't have to buy fashion magazines as there are some fab scans and photos on your site!:)
    Great to hear a planner works for you! I mostly kept them in a drawer, and mostly just used the address part!