Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yummy Zero Waste Food!! :)

Slightly exhausted, in the past few days I've had a crash course in:

- pumpkinseed preservation (yummy!)
- mushroom preservation (drying, freezing, in vinegar)
- peach juice production :)

Of course I'm a total newbie in all of the above. lol!

feeling: very accomplished, he he! :)


  1. i love pumpkin seeds! <3 every time i would carve pumpkins, i like to save the seeds to eat for later haha :P

  2. i love pumpkin seeds! and i am mad for mushrooms! maybe you can educate us someday via blog post(s) if you have the time!

  3. well done; it feels great to do this. I felt so pleased when I made chutney last year!

  4. wow congrats on the accomplishments! You are doing good!

  5. Good!!! So you must let us know soon! :)
    Have a funny/sunny weekend! ;)

  6. Sounds excellent :) And like you'll have a very exciting storecupboard ready for winter :)

  7. Thank you everyone!:) Will post a bit more about it all in near future!

    Rae, I am still to explore the world of chutney - maybe next year!
    Sooz, we got a very exotic'n'spicy tomato/eggplant(etc) spread from a relative - now that's exciting! Again, maybe next year..?;)
    There are so many different recipes to try'n'test!