Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Been Busy Busy Busy :)

I'm really sleepy, but YESTERDAY I BAKED!! OMG!! :)

Bread and bagels, for the 1st time ever!!! :)

It was FAB!! :)

/Still need to practise on the results a bit, but I think the pics are publishable!:)/

Also, Dad and I re-shoveled our awesome compost ('man's work!';) and today I used eco methods on Uncle's shrubbery (instead of him pouring toxics on it!)
I feel muscles in places I did not know existed!

Oh, and I taught cows how to eat grass. Seriously.
I have three new best friends now!

Hope you had an EXCELLENT day too!! :)


  1. wow! what a day!
    You taught cows how to eat grass? How did you do that?
    How did they eat grass before you taught them... so interesting!

  2. Yes! I'm wondering about the cows tooo?!

    Happy to hear your baking was a success - shop bought, plastic bagged bread is next on the list of things to be banished from my house! The thought never occured to me to make bagels though - something else to add to the list!

  3. Hi Layla!!!
    What an amazing country life!:D
    And you are really untiring! What's about bagels? Are they sorts of salty cookies we call "taralli" here in Italy?
    I'm looking forward recipes and photos! ;)

  4. mmmm baking sounds soo good :) you've inspired me to make some fall goodies!

  5. Glad to inspire you, lol!! :)

    Mrs Misadventure, Welcome here!

    Danda, I am by no means untiring!! :) I had a 'crash' yesterday and did completely *nothing*!
    And I almost fell asleep in front of TV the other night, even though I almost don't watch TV anymore!

    Bagels are small blobs of bread, I googled taralli and they seem to be something else!

    Sooz, YAY for banishing plastic-wrapped bread!! Do tell how it goes!
    Mrs Average from The Rubbish Diet inspired me to make bagels! (She wanted to bake bread and said bagels are even easier, get baked more quickly and use less electricity!!)

    Kay and Sooz - lol! The cows actually knew how to 'eat', but that was all they knew! They didn't know how to behave and would collapse Uncle's electric fence etc!
    So they need to be taught how to behave proper!

    I wrote more about it in the next blog post, though it's a bit sadder.. But some adventures were quite fun!