Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zero Waste Flower Arrangement! :)

I really hate November 1st!

Not just because an INSANE amount of candles in plastic cases (sometimes - often - it's the toxic PVC plastic!) and also 'plastic' flowers or iffy flower arrangements are bought (but mostly because of that!)

We don't have Haloween as such in Slovenia (well it's been imported!;) but there is the tradition of honoring the dead by visiting graves and bringing candles and flowers, plus you get to meet some of your relatives you haven't met for a year!

My Mum is a DIY gal when it comes to flowers and flower arrangements!

We mostly had homegrown flowers - but her heart was in plastic 'foam' to stick them in! For years and years... /yuck!/
We had arguments over this previous years..

Some relatives made totally DIY arrangements, and they were kinda pretty too! (And *free*!;)

So this year I started some November 1st conversations earlier on in the week, and as a result we're splitting the 4-stop-one-day crazy schedule for easier-going 3 separate days with different cemeteries and relatives.. (We'll see how this goes, I'd prefer 2-days of frenzy only..)

I said the totally DIY arrangements were 'pretty' (and didn't dare to look at Mum's face!) and then, how we saw some awesome moss on our hike the other Sunday, and Dad volunteered info of another place where it grows and suddenly - it was doable!

I like the flowers that continue to grow too (in fact, I think they're more stylish than most flower arrangements I've seen! and more eco) but this year we haven't got any at home, we'd have to buy them (they're affordable though, 5 Euro at a supermarket! But I hate supermarkets, mostly) and well, it's always a BIG question how 'eco' the bought flowers are, what they have been sprayed with and fertilized with, etc!

So Mum and Dad went to gather moss (at first my coming along was a requirement, then they 'forgot' me?! /sigh/ That's how chaotic our family can be, lol! Well, I had other things to do anyway..)
...and Mum made the flower arrangements..


And guess what? The flowers are even prettier than last year!!
Mum said it was easy to make/'stick 'em in' too!! - And it can all be totally compostable, 100%!

I hoped to make an eco zero waste candle too (with natural beeswax) - maybe next year?!


  1. Flowers in the moss? Great!!! I think that is a good idea!
    I like 1st November because of its calm and meditative atmosphere, but you're right, all those candles in plastic aren't eco at all!!!
    Next year you will surely create your own candle, it's a fortune you have bees! ;)

  2. Good job of persuasion. =D I wish you had a picture.

  3. Well done Layla - thats awesome that you presuaded your mum (she sounds cool!) to make your flowers even more eco-friendly!

    We don't have that tradition in the UK, but it sounds really lovely - hope you enjoy it! :)

  4. I agree with everything here. Great post :-)

  5. Haha thnx!
    I like moss too, only we make the DIY arrangements with moss for Christmas =D

  6. Glad you like the idea, I've put up pics and a quick tutorial too!! :)

    Danda, I don't have the bees yet, am just learning about them and hopefully I will have them next year! :)

    We do DIY arrangements with (mostly dry) moss and little figurines of Holy Family and the sheep for Christmas too.. :) Do you make any others?

    I like the feel of moss and it usually smells quite nicely and forest-y too!! :)