Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling Dangerous!! :)

Well, today was another AWESOME day!




This bookish girl is feeling quite BADASS!! :)

Dad and I demolished the tomato summerhouse (wood survives winter better when under roof!) I forgot to photograph it 1st though!

We also 'unplugged' the beanpoles, and were left with the above!

We had a fab trip on Saturday (eco-coloured!), a marvelous hike yesterday, and today Dad and I took care of the garden, before the rain starts. (Mum's caught a cold, Sis was wondering if she caught one too, and Dad's hand is still injured a bit and not totally 100%, so I got to do some of the FUN stuff I've ALWAYS wanted to do!

You know, the really COOL stuff that usually Dad's done!)

So, last week I personally grated 35 kg (= about 70 pounds I think!) of fresh cabbage! :)
/Tutorial upcoming! Along with other food preservation tutorials!
I'm a bit WAAY behind with some of them, not sure whether to put them on anyway?)

It's freezing cold here, last garden work is putting away everything, feeding the compost.. (And smaller bits of bean plant are better for the compost, as they make yummy compost more quickly!)

I LOVE chopping stuff!!
(Though Dad kept yelling: 'Away from your fingers!')

You know, it's all pretty ZEN! (I never thought I'd say something like this about gardening or any of the 'home chores'!)
I felt like a kungfu master and if you got it just right: it was EFFORTLESS! :)
And very efficient.

PS All that said, I didn't get it right 3/4 of the time and am still pretty sore, lol!!
Told Dad he must make me practice for strength all winter and all year so I'll be able to chop beanpole vine better next year!!


  1. I would love to still see your food preservation tutorials no matter how old they are :)
    Your chopping knife looks pretty interesting :) I've never seen one with a curve on the other end like that before :)
    I love chopping stuff too :) Sounds like you had so much fun :) Hope you aren't too sore anymore :)

    Hee.. I would have chose the color green but maybe there are interesting orange eco-friendly items that are unknown to me :P

  2. lol! must ask Dad what the curve is for!

    I'm still a bit sore - but from other things, though!

    I'm having so much FUN with this though, yeah!! :)

    Orange eco-friendly things?? hmm!!? :)

  3. Sounds like you've been having a fantabulous time Layla!

    I'm totally with you on the whole zen beauty and lovely choppingness of gardening - I volunteer at a huge garden at a historical house near where I live, and sometimes I'm allowed to use the loppers and the choppers and it's very satisfying - I love it!

    I'd also like to hear about how you've been preserving food, if you have time to post about it, I have books about it and stuff, but I think it's always nicer to hear about how things work out when 'real' people do them!