Monday, March 16, 2009

Biutiful Cauntri - more reasons to go ZERO WASTE!!

I finally managed to see Biutiful Cauntri on YouTube!! :) (in 8 parts, trailer here)

(1st part with intro here - 1st part may be a bit boring, but it gets really more 'action'-oriented later on.. & even if you don't understand much Italian, you can see a lot!)

I cried.

The sheep, the cats... 2.000 sheep & more died because of... human stupidity?!!

I am not sure if I properly understood everything (my Italian is beginner level!!:)
Was it the illegal dumpings that got burnt & produced the terrible amounts of dioxin etc, or also the bad incinerators & the polyester textile industry? Probably all together! (?)

When the film dragged on and on, I didn't want to watch anymore.. It was so horrible!!

But I had to.

You see, I had to see if the film also gives a glimmer of hope. Does it tell people to STOP MAKING SO MUCH GARBAGE?!!

Not directly.

But I really REALLY hope that everyone who sees it starts going more and more zero waste & MINIMIZING WASTE!!

Please, let us stop making so much waste in the 1st place!! Because we can. And it is only us who can. The companies and big sellers won't stop making so much garbage, unless we tell 'em to!! And politicians may be lazy and not wanna recycle too (some of them) - they are only human, as we are. And if we do nothing, who will?


  1. thanks for the heads up - I'll take a look at this later. The things that make us cry can be catalysts for powerful change in our lives.

    Much love
    mrs g x

  2. So you followed my suggestion!
    I apologize if I was the cause of such a horrible vision! :S

    You well understood: illegal waste dumping on fire and industry pollutions too were the cause of dioxin in certain areas of Campania. In addition, government wanted to solve that problem with the building of incinerators! :(

    But the moral of that movie was exactly what you did understand!
    Even after awful images like those ones, soul is deeply moved.
    And you realize that it's time to do something, to raise people's awareness...

  3. Danda, I wanted to watch it before too, but your recommendation made me want to watch it even more!! :)

    Thank you for recommending it!! It's a horrible film, but I wish everybody would see it!!

    So all illegal dumping and industry & incinerators are causes of the problem!! Grr!!
    I feel soo sorry for the sheep & cats & people who have to live there.. :(

    One person can only do so much, but yes, my soul was moved...

  4. Mrs Gree, yes, it's a powerful catalyst!!

    Maybe it's good to have a small dictionary of Italian close at hand, hopefully it would be subtitled - maybe it's available that way somewhere?