Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is solid ASPHALT toxic?Neighbour putting it next to garden!

So, the title says it all.

Our neighbour is trying to strengthen the river bank (something the company in charge had been promising for decades!) We live in a flood area, by the river, so strengthening the bank is generally considered a good thing!

He got the material 'for free' (& was happy about it!) - another neighbour had been digging to build a house, and was happy to get rid of these 'leftovers' too.. Mostly it's sand and probably okay (& perhaps good zero waste use?), but not sure about all of it..

I'm not too happy with seeing him put chunks of asphalt in there, along with stones, brick & roofing parts & sand..
So far I said nothing, cause I wasn't sure if solid asphalt could be toxic too, or not-?

Hot asphalt can be toxic, depending on the solvents used (and no, I have no idea what was used here - 'worst case scenarios' include toxic chemicals like benzene, dioxane or toluane.. Do those disaapear when it hardens or could they still be present & leak into water etc? There was some leakage mentioned from waste incinerator leftovers used as roadbuilding materials..)

Didn't find any info about solid asphalt yet...? Is it okay or could it still be toxic?
Does anybody know anything about this, possibly with websites or links?

Also, if he strengthenes the bank, would the river be more likely to 'eat up' our part of the bank? (half of our garden and compost heaps & some trees are in that area so we'd prefer to keep those instead of putting stones and sand there..)

Any ideas welcome!!

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