Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Start saving onion peels!!:)

If you haven't already!

Why, you say?

For zero waste Easter eggs, of course!! :)

as found on the lovely Cafe Chocolada blog!

When I was little, we bought colors in the store - not only do they come in probably-unrecyclable little satchets, I was also always wondering what exactly is in them!
As some of them are strong enough to go through the egg shell directly into the egg, there's more reason for concern!

Not anymore. For years, we've been painting eggs with onion peels, they give a lovely natural tone.. (not the white onions, orange/brown or red are okay!)
/Still not sure about how wise it is to cook nylon stockings, well, one-color eggs are very pretty too!!/

Last year I also ventured out & started experimenting with other colors!
Blackcurrants & vinegar give a very lovely violet-ish color!
(We have tons of blackcurrants in the garden, so I used some from the depths of the freezer! probably from 1999 or so!!:)
Raspberries give a nice reddish color, but eating raspberries (or making zero waste homemade ice-cream!) is yummier, in my opinion!
/Cooked & stabilized with vinegar, both give better color than uncooked! Yes, I did experiment!:)/

I may blog more about this when time comes near! :)


  1. Glad you like it!! It is quite traditional here, the onion peels..

    The blackcurrants or other stuff, that's a bit more revolutionary!! :)

  2. I was never very successful with the onion skin coloring, but I buy brown eggs most of the time- the ones pictured here are gorgeous- did you do them?

    I dyed some wool with beets one time- got a gorgeous golden color- also a plant that blooms here in August, called Goldenrod gave a beautiful gold. Walnut shells give a deep dark brown. Wish I could find a beautiful, natural lavendar!

  3. No, these are from another blog, ours were actually even prettier!! :)
    /Just kiddin'!/
    The colors here seem a bit reddish, they seem more authentic if you click on the link to the original blog!
    Did you cook the eggs in the water-with-peels?
    /It's not enough to just soak!/

    Where do you buy the brown eggs?

    WOW, coloring wool with beets!! Are there pics? :)
    And golden color? What sort of beets did you use? (I would expect beetroot to color violet-ish/reddish? Or is it different with wool?)

    I once colored a cloth slipper with blackcurrant inadvertantly when picking them, so I know about their coloring properties from that :)
    Not sure if it would stick right & be washable on fabric or wool though..

    Does lavender color wool too? (Or do you mean you wish to find a natural color to color wool or eggs lavender?)

    I don't think we have Goldenrod here..
    What did you color with walnuts - wool too?

    Great to see you hear on the blog!! :)

  4. I was always sort of disgusted by the color that came through the egg shells, we used to buy those eggs from the supermarket. In medieval times onions were used to dye clothing, but I have never used them on eggs :) Could try that tommorow.

  5. WOW! I didn't know onions were used to dye clothing! Fascinating!! :)
    /Do you know any recipes?/

    Do tell if you tried them on the eggs too! & how it worked? :)