Monday, March 9, 2009

No, you CAN'T eat the bonbon!! ;) - & an Evil Plan!! :)

Okay, so today Little-Miss-not-so-Green was over again.

Mum has her over every week so she can help her study. I think she's starting to outsmart Mum though, a bit. (Mum was deeply puzzled by one of her math homeworks, done completely correctly. 1st grade, I must add.)

Also, my neighbour's two sons were over, & we had a lovely afternoon. Puppets & games included. Oh, and guitar, a full orchestra! (with cookie-box-drums and a pencil-conductor!)

But first, Little-Miss-not-so-Green wanted to eat a BONBON!

Hm, bonbons are sort of forbidden in our house. Especially for LMnsG, who tends to be hyperkinetic already! So imagine what an extra dose of sugar would do! /plus, there's the terrible wrapping, which is not zero waste at all!/

To make things worse, the bonbon was in a Christmas sock on a Christmas card, sent to me by a very lovely friend whose daughter is not allowed to eat any sugar! :) /I am wondering if that was zero-waste disposal of any unwanted gifts? hm!)
- & LMnsG has been eying it from Christmas, I hear! (with Mum replying it's not hers to give - smart answer, hmm!! & easy way out!)

So how does one deal with a temper tantrum: 'Oh can I eat the bonbon?!!' followed closely by 'Oh why oh why not?!!'

First of all, one does not cave in. lol!!
'Bonbons are not eaten in our house. I don't eat bonbons.'
'Oh but I do.' (whine) 'Can I eat it?'
'Why not?' (I was flabbergasted for a moment, what to say-?!)
Then I decided to tell the truth. As odd as it sounded.
'Because bonbons aren't healthy. They're toxic' (okay, I exaggerated a bit) 'and I want you to be healthy and happy and have healthy teeth!' (she did have teeth problems a while ago, so she might remember how 'fun' that was!)

/still some sulking ensued, but she was given bread and cheese by sis, and a bit of cooked fruit juice - the only 'sweets' still sort of allowed in da house, though I'd prefer to not have even that when she's here, but Oh Mom can't be persuaded-
& the girlie was then distracted by a carefully planned educational game/magazine & then by the neighbours' kiddies.. - I think she has a bit of a crush on the older Little-Mr-not-Green-At-All!/

So, now I have an evil plan. I will try to green my Terrible Neighbour's (green-wise, otherwise they're an awesome family!!) little sons!! :)

I wonder if it will work-??!!

/I think one of the first steps could be to show them this awesome video of Little Miss Green and her Mom - and maybe try to do something similar with OUR rubbish?! - Oh Mum will be so glad! lol!/

We'll see how this goes!!


  1. Awwww, you're so tough LOL! Nothing like sticking to your principles though. I hope nslmg eventually gets what you are doing and why you are doing. It's a tough one, but we manage with LMG (most of the time ;) )

  2. lol - I was really worried she might be offended or 'traumatized' - but not for long.. It was much better than previous times when I tried to dance around it and looked crossly while mum fed her sugar (she was like a hellicopter on speed then!!)
    It's actually better to be honest?!!

    Don't have a clue what to do with the BONBON now though!!:)