Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Funky Experiment: Never Buy Staples Again!!:)

Of course I just had to test it!!

Looks handy!! Wonder if it works!! :)

(full description, with more pics, at the funky Incli-nation site!)

Okay, I tried it, and it WORKS!! :)
Apparently one really does not need to buy staples - or paper clips - again!!:)

Well, if the paper can be 'sacrificed' - if it needs to remain intact, paper clips may still be better.. Also, you may wanna start with some scrap paper to 'practise', and ideally do this right, with a ruler or something (I just experimented lol - couldn't wait!:)

It may also be better to have the title on the page centred, not on the left side :)
Actually, one can do it 'backwards' - I actually prefer it that way! & in that case left-aligned titles are perfectly okay too!! :)

And if you only have a few pieces of paper (like 3 pages), you only need a single incision with a paper knife, not a wider cut like on the pic! (Maybe this is totally TMI (too much information) lol, but I did actually wonder about it, so here it is!;)

Also not sure how it photocopies or scans... (do let me know if you try this!) - But I think I may still free up some paper clips!! /been wondering if it'd be time to buy some - I now use those as reusable bookmarks instead of throwawayable post-it stickies! :)/

Come to think of it, I haven't bought any staples ever since.. uhm, ever since my tiny stapler decided to be picky and didn't like the big staples!
Now I don't have to, anymore, ever? :)
/Wonder if I should Freecycle it? ;) But it's so cute!! :)/

Wishing you happy paper-handling & GREAT organization!! :)


  1. Hi Layla,
    Thanks for the useful tip! Unfortunately I still use staples because I have plenty of them since I was a student.

    At the moment I'm collecting used staples in a little plastic box (reused too), and I'll bring it to the local HWRC, where they collect metals objects.

    When they'll finish I'll try to put together sheets in that way! The creator is a smart designer, and I love smart design... so simple, so smart! :)

    P.s.: Please, give me some days to reply your letter... I need to be concentrated in it, but now first I have to update the blog with lots of news! ;)

  2. Thank you Danda!! :)

    I have some unused things from when I was a student too, so I understand!

    But it is good to share any ideas that may come handy in the future too!! :)

    It is interesting that you can recycle staples too!!

    Just take your time with the e-mail, I did too!! I am happy to know that you exist and that we can exchange ideas, Rome wasn't built in one day! :)

    Luv, Layla